What does BAITRONICS do?

BAITRONICS is a supplier of high-end LED screens, we are committed to producing the best LED screens.

In terms of technology, our expert team has spent a lot of time and resources on the LED screen, from the shell to each chip, from the inside to the outside, so please rest assured that our products use the latest technology.

Welcome customers from all over the world to BAITRONICS, BAITRONICS provides quality assurance for all products and sells them at affordable prices.

Cooperating Countries
Office and Production Area
Extra long warranty
Monthly Production Capacity
Professional Experiences
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Dust-free workshop

Clean production workshops can produce high-quality LED displays. BAITRONICS puts the quality of LED screens at the top of the list, with partition management and dust-free workshops, and is committed to delivering each LED panel to customers.

Screen burn-in area

After the production of the LED screen is completed, BAITRONICS specially set up a 72-hour aging time and waterproof and anti-knock tests to test whether the performance of the screen is perfect. This test is more prominent in the industry and ensures the performance and quality of the LED screen.

Flight case storage area

The special flight case for placing the LED screen, the professional design can protect the LED screen from damage, environmental protection, good protection performance, and affordable price are its three best features. While producing the LED screen, make a suitable flight case, so that the LED screen you ordered can be delivered to you faster.

Certificates and Patents

Solemnly declare: is the only official website of BAITRONICS brand. We specialize in the production and wholesale of LED displays. All products are certified by certificates. Please use BAITRONICS products with confidence.

We protect the interests of consumers, and please support genuine products for better after-sales protection.


We always provide the best customer service and after-sales support for BAITRONICS customers, if you are interested in BAITRONICS products or have any questions, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email, we will carefully study your project and give you a satisfactory Program. By the way, our phone is at your service 24 hours a day, and if you are not in a hurry, the email you send will arrange for an expert to contact you during business hours.