Advantages of rental LED screen

Why is it called a rental led screen?

The rental LED screen is actually a kind of LED video wall, which has the following characteristics and can maximize the Lease nature:

  • Quick and easy for installation and disassembly
  • Excellent performance and clear display
  • Light weight

The biggest feature of rental LED screens is the splicing of small modules into a whole giant screen, which often makes the event more excellent. Coupled with these features, rental LED screens have become a must-have product for many event planners.

What is the difference between the dots pitch of the rental LED screen?

The LED rental display screen adopts SMD patch technology to stick the naked lamp beads on the surface of the lamp panel, then the distance between the center points of the two lamp beads is called the pitch.

The dot pitch is as follows:

  • Indoor: P2mm, P2.5mm, P3.9mm etc. P2.5 is often used most for indoor led screen. It has lower cost than the choice of P2mm and viewing experience is much better compared with P3.9mm. Comprehensive comparison, the video image effect of P2.5 is the most cost-effective.
  • Outdoor: P3.9mm,P6mm, P8mm etc. What customers should be told is the wide space. The viewing distance of people will be expanded. The pitch of P3.9mm can guarantee the best watching experience. That is why P3.9mm is the best choice to use for many outdoor led rental screen.

What place can rental led screen be made use of?

  • Stage performance
  • Business evening
  • Music Festival
  • Exhibition

It is so particularly significant for the stage performance to get the support of the right background. I has been the superiority that led video wall get visual shock.

BAITRONICS-rental led screen

shocking performance

full-screen display

The screen size will be adjusted according to the needs of customers. The performance of the event has different programs and needs a variety of backgrounds to set off, so there will be requirements for the control system of the screen.

The larger the area of the LED display, the better the display effect. For super-large stage performances, multiple screens will be set up to meet the needs of the performance. It needs video processor to accurate control of each part of screen area on site.

The customers are supported to calculate the dots of the whole screen and select the appropriate video processor to realize functions such as split screen and screen switching, so that the audience can clearly see the screen on the stage and participate in the activity

BAITRONICS rental screen VS rental screens on the market

The advantages and characteristics of BAITRONICS LED rental screen are as follow:

Simple installation saves time

It is only 7.5kg weighs of each standard size of 500mmx500m cabinet OF BAITRONICS RL. It will not be too hard to hold it with one hand. The whole screen can be fixed according to the setback steel structure, besides, suspension installation is also possible with suspension beams. The vertical maximum is 15 meters, which is 30 m of the display panel.

Complicated wiring connection is unnecessary

The back cabinet of the male model led display on the market is extremely complex, including the cable, 5v cable, power supply on the surface. As for the LED wall used for rental, in terms of structure, the bulky wires and cables are changed to pin headers, which reduces the safety accidents that may be caused by poor contact of wires.

The rental led screens are used for stage performances, business evenings and exhibitions, etc. These events will not last for too long and the venue layout is often changeable, which means the rental led screen will be the first choice for its fast installation and disassemble.

Both the cabinet body and the back power box are tightly encapsulated, and the internal electronic components are optimally protected and will not be damaged even in harsh environments.

Dual backup power function

Although the probability of LED display failure is very low, it is inevitable.

BAITRONICS RL has dual backup power function, which could be understood that the display screens on the left and right sides can supply power to the non-working display screens when the power supply of the cabinet fails and cannot work and they will automatically turn on and light up the screen within 1 second. That is why we put a 250 watt power supply on each 500mmx500mm LED cabinet.

BAITRONICS-rental led screen

BAITRONICS RL rental LED screen

Unique curved cabinet design

Supports the adjustment of maximum or minimum 15 degrees of the inner and outer arcs, and at least 24 boxes are assembled into a cylinder. The creative screen design with video content can better show the information you want to convey and highlight your cultural spirit.

The selection of Indoor small spacing

In order to achieve the ultra-high-definition imaging effect at close range indoors, the content of the image is delicate, and the details of the dark part are sufficient, and the small pitch will be the first choice.

BAITRONICS LL series pitch can choose P2.6mm to perfectly meet indoor needs.

Ultra high refresh frame

In large-scale events, huge led video wall, gorgeous image content and live sound effects will bring shocking feelings and visual impact to the audience. The refresh frame plays a decisive role in the clarity and fluency of the rental LED screen. The refresh rate of 3840hz can contain an excellent visual experience for rental LED screens.

BAITRONICS’ rental LED screen can even increase the refresh rate to 6240hz, surpassing all other delicate picture quality.

IP65 waterproof

There is a car-specific waterproof cover at the module pin header interface, and at the interface between the rear cabinet and back power box as well.

Constant temperature function of back LED cabinet

The temperature on the back of the traditional LED screen is as high as 40 degrees Celsius or even higher working under the high temperature outdoor conditions, which affects the normal operation of the LED screen.

The constant temperature function of BAITRONICS RL can stabilize the temperature of the cabinet at 31.8 degrees Celsius, allowing the LED screen to work stably.

Front and rear module maintenance

The led module can be sucked out to the front of the led cabinet with a special magnet tool, and the power box is fixed with 4 screws.

BAITRONICS-rental led screen-led display


BAITRONICS-rental led screen-led display