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Every business owner tends to require some tool to help them build their business. For this reason, BAITRONICS DOOH provide the best quality outdoor led screen to help one with their business. These products come in different modifications. They tend to give the best result and are highly recommended as they are mainly made for business purposes.

What is the outdoor led screen?

The displays that are used outdoors are known as outdoor screens. Outdoor screens have a high brightness, which is higher than most indoor displays. The outdoor led screens also tend to have good heat dissipation functions and are also waterproof. These details must be explained to the technical installers while installing to give the screen a better angle and ensure that no damage is caused to the screen.

Furthermore, the total amount of light emitted by an outdoor advertising display will be much greater than that of an inside panel. Similarly, there are problems with dependability, maintenance, lightning protection, etc. Given the nature of the outdoor advertisement display’s maintenance requirements, it’s safe to conclude that assisting with the sale involves much travel.

Furthermore, the semi-outdoor display is usually installed above door heads to spread information; this is utilized for advertising at retail enterprises. In terms of pixel point size, there is a compromise between indoor and outdoor panels. It’s a standard fixture on the door heading of stores, malls, and hospitals you can trust. Due to its high luminous brightness, the semi-outdoor panel may be used in the vast outdoors, even when the sun isn’t directly overhead. The body of a screen is impervious to the elements; hence these displays are frequently installed in sheltered locations, such as under eaves or in windows.

BAITRONICS provides everyone with a fine outdoor panel. They are made with care and take note of everything one may require for the business. Shopping for an outdoor billboard from BAITRONICS is considered a good option.

Outdoor LED Technical Considerations

There are some technical considerations that you need to keep in mind before the installation of an outdoor panel. These are explained in detail:

The pixel density

  • Pixels are the smallest individual elements of a raster image. One by one, they appear as white dots on an LED panel.
  • Try to picture an image constructed from thousands or millions of such points.
  • The density of these pixels is quantified by a metric called “pixel pitch.”
  • Pixel pitch refers to the spacing, in millimeters, between adjacent pixels on the panel. The letter “P” is frequently used as a shorthand for “pixel pitch” (number).
BAITRONICS-outdoor led screen

Clear scoreboard with large pixel pitch

When deciding on a viewing distance, keep the pixel pitch in mind. Because of how near you’ll be to the screen, you’ll benefit from a lower-pitched display (greater pixel densities). A higher pitch is preferable for billboards and other large panels designed for distant viewing. Outdoor-led panels often feature a larger pixel pitch than their indoor counterparts due to the greater distance they are viewed.


LED panel technology is unrivaled in brightness, making it ideal for use in the great outdoors. One may use nits to quantify the brightness of a video wall. Indicative of light intensity, an increase in nits suggests a more powerful source. To be legible in intense sunshine, outdoor panels need a brightness rating of at least 5,000 nits, and such values can exceed 10,000 for extreme brightness.


  • The LED panel’s ability to endure the elements is represented by its IP rating. A device’s ingress protection rating is denoted by the letters “IP” followed by a number.
  • Both the panel’s resistance to solids (like dirt and dust) and liquids (like water) are indicated by the first number (such as rain).


  • A standard video wall panel is between one- and four-square meters. An increase in screen size calls for more panels to be employed in the display’s construction.
  • To be seen from further away, a larger size is required. Before deciding on the best size for your video wall, you must consider several elements, such as viewing distances, budget, and desired ambiance.

Aspect ratio

  • The ratio of a screen’s horizontal to vertical dimensions is known as its aspect ratio.
  • A display with a width and height of exactly 1:1 is said to have a square aspect ratio.
  • For example, a screen with a width of 2:1 has a height twice as wide as the breadth, and so on. The aspect ratio of the vast majority of videos is 16:9.

Outdoor LED Panels Installation

Some popular construction methods can display your content in better quality and distance. They are:

  • The screen is installed on the floor with the help of a ground support system.
  • The name of this type of screen indicates that it is mounted on the wall.
  • There is a screen that hangs from the ceiling.
  • The screen is mounted vertically on a pole in this setup.
  • The screen is held aloft by aluminum trussing equipment.
  • The mobile screen is mounted on a truck or trailer.

Benefits of outdoor led screens for business

Highly visible display

Compared to their backlit counterparts, outdoor LED panels are brighter and easier to see. A larger audience can be drawn to a sign by making it more interesting. The high profile, vivid monochrome colors, and full-color signage make them legible even under bright sunshine.

Durable LED screen

Traditional illuminated signs require frequent maintenance and replacement of parts that have been damaged by weather. Outdoor billboard modules are tested to survive over 100,000 hours without malfunction. The components are housed in a housing composed of durable, impermeable materials.

The Attraction of Positive Attention

Your company’s credibility and your message’s impact can benefit from installing high-quality LED panels. This sign is ideal for high-traffic locations since it immediately draws the eye. BAITRONICS-led signs will increase your company’s visibility on the streets with their attention-grabbing combination of imagery and text.

Brings versatility

Having the same logo and tagline too long will cause consumers to forget about your brand. Many businesses miss out on potential advertising opportunities because of the work necessary to routinely update static images. It is possible to make changes to exterior digital LED panels with a few clicks of a mouse from within the building. There is no waiting time between changes; you can schedule updates to go live at specified times of the day, week, or month if you choose.

Custom Advertising

Due to their versatility and the ease with which they may have their content changed, LED panels have emerged as one of the most useful advertising and warning alternatives. LED billboards may be changed instantly to reflect new information, such as a weather prediction, a shift in client tastes, or a holiday schedule. LED billboards for the outdoors may be customized to meet any spending plan.

BAITRONICS-outdoor led screen

Custom ads that can be switched freely

Use Less Electricity

With panels, your company will save money on energy costs, which is a significant plus. If you want to save the most money, stick to brands tested and verified as safe by UL.

Promotes Environmental Behavior

There has been a recent uptick in people thinking about how their vacation and shopping habits affect the planet. Because they use less power, billboards are better for the environment than fluorescent or incandescent ones. These bulbs have also been criticized for not producing enough heat. These alterations provide the appearance that your business is concerned about the planet.

Less Maintenance than other Alternatives

LED billboards or panels are far sturdier than their analog predecessors. It’s less likely that billboards will shatter or get too hot. The low frequency with which they require maintenance also means they have an intense ongoing cost.

Helps Create a Personal Connection

A well-targeted marketing message can increase customer participation. Timed marketing messages can be sent to any target audience. LED billboards or panels may be programmed to send different messages to commuters and families waiting in carpool lines in the morning and at community events. As a result, the brand’s awareness, reputation, and client loyalty will all rise.

BAITRONICS provides the best screens that one can ask for. BAITRONICS takes care of the details that should be considered while making their outdoor panels. Because of this, we are the most trusted with our customers. This is done because we want our customers to have a comfortable experience with their business growth.

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IP68 outdoor led display-BAITRONICS DF

BAITRONICS-outdoor led screen

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