Balance the heat dissipation and moisture resistance of the LED screen

Humid and high temperature weather can be said to be the biggest challenge to outdoor LED screens , and let the natural contradictions of moisture resistance and heat dissipation of LED screens confront each other. How to do a good job of preventing moisture in the rainy and changing weather, while maintaining good heat dissipation in a high temperature environment, has become a thorny problem faced by outdoor LED displays.

Moisture-proof problem of LED display

Fundamentally, the module, internal structure and external chassis of the LED screen all need to be thoroughly and strictly moisture-proof and waterproof . The internal devices of the LED display screen belong to MSD components (humidity sensitive devices). Once moisture enters, it may cause oxidation and corrosion of the lamp beads, PCB boards, power supplies, power lines and other components, resulting in irreparable losses such as dead light failures.

Heat dissipation problem of Led display

The internal components of the full-color LED screen are the electronic components that generate the most heat, such as LED lamp beads, driver ICs, and switching power supplies. Poor component design will oxidize the screen material, which not only fails to achieve the effect of heat dissipation, but also affects the quality and lifespan. If the heat accumulates and cannot be dissipated, it will cause the internal components of the LED to overheat and damage, resulting in failure. Therefore, the LED screen requires a transparent and convection heat dissipation structure, which contradicts the requirement of moisture resistance.

How to balance the heat dissipation and moisture resistance of the LED screen?

In the face of moisture resistance and heat dissipation, these seemingly irreconcilable contradictions can actually be subtly resolved through exquisite hardware and meticulous structural design.

First, reducing power consumption and reducing heat loss is an effective way to improve heat dissipation. Reasonable optimization of the cabinet structure can play a key role. Considering the heat dissipation and oxidation resistance of the chassis material, high-quality aluminum is selected. The interior of the chassis adopts a multi-layer space structure to form an overall transparent convection heat dissipation structure, which can make full use of natural air for convection heat dissipation, taking into account heat dissipation and sealing, while improving reliability and availability.

Secondly, improving the module production process is also a top priority. The structure of the electronic components of the PCB board is optimized, simplified, complex, and reasonably arranged. It is sealed with high thermal conductivity high quality adhesive tape. Even in hot weather, the adhesive strip will not fall off, and prevent moisture from entering. It meets the requirements of heat dissipation and waterproof. Every outdoor LED cabinet of BAITRONICS LED Screen has undergone a comprehensive waterproof and moisture-proof test to ensure excellent product quality.

Finally, each outdoor LED box is subjected to a waterproof test of IP65 or above , and then integrated and assembled to do the aging and anti-collision test of the whole screen. To the customer is the fundamental principle of BAITRONICS.

To sum up, I recommend using the transparent screen BAITRONICS TO and the outdoor advertising screen BAITRONICS DF, both of which take into account the balance of outdoor waterproofing and heat dissipation, as well as high refresh rate and wide viewing angle. In addition, the DF series contains common cathode energy saving, making the energy utilization more thorough and more environmentally friendly.

Facing this severe weather test, the BAITRONICS LED display can still maintain efficient heat dissipation on the basis of ensuring reliable moisture resistance, and the screen operates like new, showing the power of quality to the outside world.

BAITRONICS-heat dissipation-moisture resistance

Outdoor transparent led screen-BAITRONICS TO

BAITRONICS-heat dissipation-moisture resistance

IP68 outdoor LED screen-BAITRONICS DF