cob led screen-BAITRONICS

Small Pixel LED Display

BAITRONICS HD is the first COB die-cast LED cabinet. Its size is 600mm*337.5mm*50mm. High precision, easy installation and maintenance are the main features of this small pixel LED display. And the cob module can be seamlessly connected with the cabinet.

    • Super strength anti-collision
    • Waterproof and damp proof

180° Large viewing angle

Ultra high contrast

High contrast 1000000:1

COB packaging

COB packaging technology

cob led screen-BAITRONICS

Micro LED Display

The BAITORNICS VW Pro series sets new standards for LED display solutions, offering dynamic and energy-efficient features that cater to diverse applications, such as traffic command centers, airports, bus stations, hotels, conference centers, and educational institutions. With its outstanding performance and user-friendly design, the VW Pro series stands as a testament to BAITORNICS' commitment to delivering top-quality LED displays to customers worldwide.

    • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

1080P,4k,8k resolution

3840hz High Refresh Rate

Viewing Angle 180 degree

cob led screen-BAITRONICS

LED Video Wall Display

The BAITRONICS VW Series LED Video Wall Display features an ultra-thin 48mm design to blend seamlessly into any environment, while supporting screen resolutions from 1080p to 8K for stunning image clarity. Smart Energy Saving intelligently optimizes contrast and power consumption to reduce operating costs. Its user-friendly mounting options, add to the versatility. With high grayscale and contrast at low brightness, it excels in various applications, from Control and Command Centers to Conference Rooms, Radio Stations, Studios, and Stadium Halls, delivering captivating LED displays and unforgettable visual experiences.

    • Smart Installation Options
    • Dynamic Screen Performance

1080P,4k,8k resolution

3840hz High Refresh Rate

Viewing Angle 180 degree

cob led screen-BAITRONICS

Best LED Video Wall Display

BAITRONICS UHD TV is equipped with a 4K smart camera, built-in Android and window dual systems, and an intelligent conference interaction system with independent intellectual property rights independently developed by BAITRONICS. It also supports wireless screen projection, touch interaction, and AI voice assistants for various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. To achieve the ultimate interactive experience.

    • Cob modularization
    • Support Windows&Android System

1080P,4k,8k resolution

3840hz High Refresh Rate

Viewing Angle 180 degree

COB LED Screen

What is a COB LED screen?

The very term, COB LED screen is known as “chips on board”. COB LED screen are displays that are formed by multiple tiny chips that are bonded to the substrate which creates a single module. A chip with remarkable light uniformity is the result, making it perfect for professionals in photography and filmmaking to use.

They are not packaged conventionally and take less space than the standard. This new technology COB LED screen of today’s world also tends to reduce the heat that is generated by the chips. Therefore, it automatically resolves the issue of heat dissipation.

There are usually nine or more diodes in a COB chip. COB chips have just two connections and one circuit, no matter how many diodes they include. It is possible to get up to 250 lumens of brightness by using a bigger chip (at 20mA). Because of the chip's basic circuit layout, COB displays lights to have a panel-like appearance.

BAITRONOCS  provide the COB LED screen that can work efficiently and tends to give the best experience to the people who have positioned them.

Which Pitch available for COB LED Screen?

Currently, BAITRONICS provided P0.9mm,P1.25mm, P1.56mm and P1.875mm optional, P1.56mm and P1.25mm is most popular now. COB LED display will replace the traditional SMD small pitch LED display in the next 2-3 years. Gradually form cob modular LED screen.

How long COB LED screen can last?

COB LED screen longevity depends on how much heat they are exposed to and how they are used. COB LED screen have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours.

Where COB LED screen can be utilized?

The COB LED screen can be used in many places:

  • Traffic command center.
  • TV center.
  • Satellite center.
  • In hotels.
  • In guild halls.
  • They can also be used in exhibition centers.

COB LED screen for gamers

The COB LED screen technology can be used for gamers since it gives them a better experience while they are playing. The small pixel led screen are used for gamers. Aside from having these individually, they can also be used in gaming companies. The products that BAITRONICS provides have more:

  • Ultra-high contrast ratio.
  • They are more modular.
  • More convenient and reduces the risk of failure of the displays.

BAITRONICS COB LED screen are the best choice since they are water-proof and anti-resistant. The micro led display are the most useful types, it tends to provide a better experience and lasts longer, making it the most popular product.

COB LED screen for hotels

The COB LED screen technology can be used in five-star hotels to improve the aesthetic view. Since people hold many grand events in certain hotels then they may need a display that represents certain videos and images which may be related to their event.

Benefits of COB LED screen

One of the most significant benefits that a COB LED screen has is that it is capable of providing more brightness with very low power consumption per square inch. It is one of the most significant benefits of this technology. Because this COB LED screen technology is so compact, we are able to accomplish this. It is made possible because the chips can occupy less space than the standard chips can that makes it possible for them to be used more. There are a series of benefits of having a COB LED screen:

Ultra slim

PCB boards with a thickness of 1.6mm-2.0mm can be adopted according to the requirements of the clients. This tends to make the weight lighter than 1/3 as compared the traditional displays. This means that COB LED screen are cost-effective and also provide a longer duration.

Crush-resistant and anti-collision

COB LED screen are crush resistant and anti-collision which makes them the best option since the COB LED display will stay safe when it is being positioned or transported to a certain location.

Large viewing angle

The viewing angle of the COB LED screen is about 180° which also makes it the best choice for one to install.

Good dissipation of heat

The COB is meant to protect the lamp on the PCB board. It could easily dissipate heat with the copper foil on the PCB. Furthermore, the PCB copper foil thickness is strictly enforced. When using immersion gold technology, there is no significant luminance attenuation. As a result, the display's life may be extended.

Easy to keep it clean

They are easy to clean. If there is any dust then you can clean it with the aid of water and a cloth. Due to the fact that the COB LED screen is water-proof, it is no harm if you are using water to clean the display.

Why you should consider buying a COB LED screen?

The COB LED screen is suitable for both household and business applications. In terms of visual clarity and aesthetic appeal, these amazing cob displays are out of this world. They provide an uneven watching experience. This is produced with cutting-edge technologies that produce different patterns and have extended service lifetimes.

Durable materials are used in the top COB LED screen on the market to ensure long-term performance and reliability. In addition to being long-lasting and ecologically beneficial, these displays are also resistant to a broad range of applications and are sturdy. Here you may get a stylish displays produced with modules adapted for a variety of household or business appliances and devices. These excellent COB LED screen come in a range of sizes and display ratios for the finest visual quality.

The COB LED screen that BAITRONICS provides is considered one of the best choices to buy because BAITRONICS provides products that give an atheistic view and are made of good quality materials.

What is a micro-led display?

This new type of display uses a multitude of tiny or micro-sized screens to illuminate each of the display's pixels. Inorganic materials are used in the fabrication of them. As a result, the amount of darkness is reduced to a remarkably low level. Using Micro monitors, which do not have a separate backlight, results in more intense blacks and whites as well as lower levels of light leakage, both of which are typical complaints with backlit television sets today.

Where can you use micro-LED display?

These micro-displays can be used pretty much everywhere. Some places may include:

  • Micro display can be used in houses.
  • The micro display can also be used in companies.

Advantages of micro LED display

The capacity of micro-display to deliver great brightness while consuming little power is critical to their widespread use in a variety of applications. Because of their tremendous brightness, most AR developers believe that micro-monitors have a great deal of potential to be useful. Due to micro display great deal of potential micro-display is the second most desired product for business owners who have just started their business.

As a result, micro display can be positioned without having to worry about the consumption of more power supply. The micro display tend to be more beneficial since they don’t consume more power.

Small pixel pitch display

The two terms “narrow” and “fine” pixel pitches refer to the displays that consist of tiny pixels. The displays have a smaller pixel pitch that is equal to 2.5mm. Whereas 1.56mm, 1.2mm and 0.9mm are more popular these days, the lower pixel pitches may e more common in the not-too-distant future. It has become very common to see the small pixel pitches in conference rooms and TV studios nowadays since they tend to play an important part in these industries.

Due to the significant developments in encapsulation technology for the tiny-sized screens, displays with minuscule pixel pitch are now available. The larger displays with low pixel pitches are now becoming more and more popular than LCDs. It is commonly recognized as the best media solution for such typical markets that are:

  • Control rooms.
  • Monitor rooms of certain malls and other firms.
  • TV studios.

With the fine pitch display, you get a rapid refresh rate, high contrast ratio, and excellent image presentation. Due to these benefits, fine-pitch displays are quickly increasing their share of the market in numerous fields.

They tend to provide high-quality pictures and the content that is to be displayed

  • High refresh rate with HD quality of the image.
  • The narrow pixel pitches are lowered to 1.25mm to provide a better experience.
  • The die-casting Aluminum cabinets provide lightweight.

Advantages of small pixel pitch display

As technology is progressing in today’s world, having thinner displays that provides maximum benefits is a need that should be addressed and taken care of as soon as possible. A display with a huge size and excellent resolution is what everyone desires. Here are some advantages of a small pixel pitch display

Astonishing visual experience

Having a small pixel pitch display, the audience tends to have a chance of enjoying the high-defined image display.

Adjustable high brightness

The great brightness of the small pixel displays makes it ideal for use in a variety of lighting conditions, including both bright and gloomy ones.

Unblemished stitching

Splicing can't be fully unaffected by the physical limits of large-display monitors. A tiny pixel pitch panel may be used to meet the needs of clients who need a seamless experience.