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Small Pixel LED Display

BAITRONICS HD -small pixel led display

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The BAITRONICS HD uses a new LED packaging technology, which is different from the traditional SMD surface mount packaging. It has the characteristics of anti-collision, high temperature resistance, higher brightness, faster heat dissipation, less light decay and longer service life.


Product Detail

BAITRONICS HD -small pixel led display

Anti-Collision Advantage

The surface of the COB LED module is cured with epoxy resin. Because the pixel snail distance is small, the component is sealed on the PCB without exposure, so the LED display will not be damaged and falls due to collision. It can be anti -knocks on dustproof, waterproof and ultraviolet -proof.

BAITRONICS HD -small pixel led display

Super Wide Viewing Angle

The COB packaging technology of the BAITRONICS HD series has a very small pixel density, and the refraction light loss is small. You can have the same perspective experience at any position of the screen, so it can reach an ultra -wide perspective of 180 °.

BAITRONICS HD -small pixel led display

Low Failure Rate

BAITRONICS HD series has a very low pixel failure rate in the COB LED display. According to statistics, within 3 years, the pixel failure rate of this screen is ≤15ppm, which greatly reduces the cost of maintenance and unnecessary trouble.

BAITRONICS HD -small pixel led display

Visual Consistency

It can be seen from the appearance that the hundreds of luminous points on the allocation board are on the same PCB, that is, the same layer. Therefore, the luminous point is all on the same reference point, so the lighting point of light is more uniform and the visual consistency will be better.


1: Different packaging technologies
2: The equipment required to produce COB is very expensive and is a high-tech mechanized production.
3: Fewer and fewer factories can actually produce
4: The level of material requirements is very high.
5: Production material consumption is relatively large
However, with the gradual popularity of COB technology and the gradual expansion of the market, the price will gradually decline.

First it consists of 4 cob modules, each module contains 12 cob panels, then we will provide customers with enough cob panels as spare parts before each order is shipped, the quantity can be guaranteed for 5 years. And all COB modules are fixed by magnets, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. If there is a problem, you can directly replace the module to replace the maintenance, please rest assured.

They are not the same, and the difference is quite big, you can find relevant popular science in our blog.

It uses flame retardant materials to provide lines and components protection. Even if it is accidentally burned, leakage or lightning strike will not damage it.