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BAITRONICS UHD -micro led display

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BAITRONICS UHD TV is equipped with a 4K smart camera, built-in Android and window dual systems, and an intelligent conference interaction system with independent intellectual property rights independently developed by BAITRONICS. It also supports wireless screen projection, touch interaction, and AI voice assistants for various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. To achieve the ultimate interactive experience.


Product Detail

BAITRONICS UHD -micro led display

New Generation COB Technology

Compared with the traditional SMD process, it is more simplified. The cob technology cancels the SMD support and SMD reflow soldering links, reduces the risk of virtual soldering, and improves stability.

BAITRONICS UHD -micro led display


Micro LED conference display supports Bluetooth, whiteboard writing, remote control, WiFi and other multi-point infrared touch, smart writing function, gesture erasing, scanning code saving, etc.

BAITRONICS UHD -micro led display

Multiple Installation Methods

Wall-mounted and mobile bracket installation options are available. Wall-mounted installation can directly paste the cob LED display on the wall, which is quick to install and maintain, and the mobile bracket is convenient for transportation and transfer.

BAITRONICS UHD -micro led display


The surface of the COB LED module is cured with epoxy resin, and the device is sealed on the PCB board, which is not only anti-collision (anti-knock), but also dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, and ultraviolet-proof.


The standard resolution is 1920×1080. If higher is required, we can also customize.

1: The ultra-high-definition integrated screen can be customized in larger size according to customer requirements, seamless splicing. Traditional LCD/LED TVs are limited in size. Although large sizes can also be made, there are fixed gaps.
2: UHD display supports customization, resolution, refresh rate, pixel pitch, etc.
3: The ultra-high-definition all-in-one screen supports a multi-purpose machine, which can be split into multiple small screens for use, or can be installed in different locations. More flexible and convenient.
4. The application places are different. It’s bigger and clearer. Solemn occasions call for more specialized products.

First of all, make sure that the wall is flat and whether it needs steel structure assistance. If the wall is flat enough, use M6 bolts to directly fix the led box to the wall without steel structure. Then install the led cabinets and panels from top to bottom. Magnets are designed in the panel to adjust the flatness, ensuring seamless and flat.