About common cathode energy saving of Led display

As a new era of electrical products, Led display screen needs to symbolize an important factor in modern society in addition to excellent quality and performance: ” energy saving ” .

What is Common Cathode Energy Saving?

The energy-saving technology of Led display is divided into two types, one is common cathode and the other is common anode. The smallest unit of the LED display is the light-emitting diode. Light-emitting diodes distinguish between positive and negative poles, forward conduction and reverse cut-off. The common cathode is the connection of the negative electrodes of the light-emitting diodes together, and the common anode is the connection of the positive electrodes of the light-emitting diodes together.

What is the highlight of common cathode led display?

As the name suggests, the common cathode LED display is powered by the R, G, B of the LED lamp beads, and the current and voltage are precisely allocated to them respectively. Because R, G, and B lamp beads require different optimal currents and voltages, the current will first pass through the lamp beads and then to the negative pole of the IC. In this way, the forward voltage drop will be reduced, the on-resistance will become smaller, and the purpose of more energy saving is achieved.

The difference between common cathode and common anode:

  • Power supply method

Common cathode power supply means that the current passes through the LED lamp bead first, and then to the negative electrode of the IC, the forward voltage drop is reduced, and the on-resistance is also reduced.

Common anode power supply means that the current flows from the PCB board to the LED lamp beads, and then supplies power to R, G, and B in a unified manner, which will increase the forward voltage drop of the circuit.

  • Energy saving

The working voltages of red, green, and blue light-emitting diodes are different, and the working voltage of red light-emitting diodes is lower than that of green and blue light-emitting diodes. The red, green and blue LEDs of the common cathode circuit are powered separately, which can precisely control the distribution voltage. The red, green and blue light-emitting diodes of the common anode circuit are powered by a unified power supply, and the voltage cannot be precisely controlled, and a large voltage is often input in a unified manner, resulting in power loss.

The common cathode supplies current and voltage to R, G, and B separately, and their voltage requirements are different. For example, the red LED lamp needs 2.8V, and the blue-green LED lamp needs 3.8V. Precise distribution, the LED display will consume less power and generate less heat.

The common anode is to supply a voltage higher than 3.8V to R, G, B all the time, but the voltage required by R, G, B is only 3.8V, and even the demand for red lamp beads is lower, then in the case of constant current The higher the voltage, the higher the power and the greater the loss of electricity. In this way, the heat generated by the LED display with common anode technology will only be higher than that of the common cathode.

BAITRONICS-led screen-common cathode

common cathode vs common anode

Why is the heat of common cathode led display products lower?

Under normal working conditions, the temperature of the cold screen will be 20 degrees Celsius lower than that of the same type of outdoor LED display when the white balance state and the video are played;

With the same specifications and the same brightness, the screen temperature of the common cathode led display is more than 20 degrees Celsius lower than that of the common anode led display, and the power consumption is more than 50% lower than that of the common anode led display.

If the temperature of the LED display is too high and the power consumption is too large, it will even affect the life of the LED display, so if you need outdoor products, then I believe that the two common cathode outdoor LED displays BAITRONICS DF and BAITRONICS UT are A very good choice, not only takes into account the features of energy saving, waterproof, and brightness, but also upgrades the cabinet, removes the cumbersome multi-layer steel structure, and is more convenient to install and lightweight.

What are the advantages of BAITRONICS’ common cathode led display?

  • Real energy saving

Based on the different optoelectronic characteristics of the three primary colors of R, G, and B, with intelligent IC system and private mode, the low power consumption of BAITRONICS DF can reach 30%-60%, while the energy saving technology of BAITRONICS UT can reach up to 75%!

  • Stable true color

Driven by common cathode leds, the power consumption and heat generation are reduced, which means that the stability of the display will be better. The LED display can work continuously for a long time without wavelength drift and other problems, and display true colors.

  • Long life

Energy saving reduces energy consumption, fundamentally reduces the heat generation and temperature of the screen, effectively reduces the probability of LED damage, improves stability, and prolongs the life of the LED display.

More recommended to use common cathode led display

Based on the mature technology of common-anode conventional LED display production for many years, most of the society currently adopts common-anode conventional LED display. However, due to the development of public molds, the installation process will be very cumbersome, and there are problems such as heat generation and power consumption that have not been solved.

The energy saving of the common cathode LED display is a very good product feature, and it can also make the LED display better and more sustainable. Compared with the conventional LED display, it is a more convenient private model product, which is not only lighter and thinner, but also saves a lot of money. Save more time by skipping most of the tedious steps such as installation screws and steel structure construction.

Only by controlling the heat dissipation and power consumption can the real performance of the LED display be brought into play. Just like a computer, if the heat dissipation control is not good, the hardware and the display will be stuck, and the user experience is definitely a lower grade. If your budget is sufficient, you should consider a long-lasting common cathode LED display that can really display, with longer life and better performance.

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IP68 Outdoor led screen-BAITRONICS DF

BAITRONICS-common cathode led display

Common cathode outdoor LED display-BAITRONICS UT