dooh-led screen-BAITRONICS Sdooh

Intelligent Outdoor LED Display

The world’s first thinnest and lightest DOOH outdoor advertising LED screen comes from BAITRONICS. You no longer need to be confused and troubled by complicated and heavy steel structures, high transportation costs and additional costs for installers. It is an LED screen that anyone can install.

    • “The world’s thinnest” outdoor LED display
    • Outdoor Modular Design
High Brightness

High brightness

IP66 waterproof

Front maintenance

dooh-led screen-BAITRONICS ut

Common Cathode Outdoor LED Display

BAITRONICS UT is the latest outdoor large size 480mm*320mm. The front maintenance LED module adopts a 16:9 ratio design to ensure greater stability and flatness. Lighter and thinner, it has the characteristics of high protection, “wireless” connection of LED cabinets, and the latest common cathode energy-saving technology.

    • Energy saving up to 75%
    • Hub “wireless” connection
140°viewing angle

140° Large Viewing Angle

High Brightness

High brightness

Front and rear maintenance

dooh-led screen-BAITRONICS df

IP68 Outdoor LED Screen

BAITRONICS DF is the pioneer of outdoor fixed LED screen, with aluminum or ultra-thin iron and steel cabinet front and rear maintenance design. IP68 waterproof, suitable for led billboards, traffic signs, stadiums, cubes, 3D displays, etc.

    • Energy saving 30%-60%
    • Strong Fire Resistance and Fire-Proof

IP68 waterproof

Aluminum cooling cabinet

Front and rear maintenance


What is DOOH?

Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) marketing refers to the use of digital media outside the home. The term “digital-out-of-home” is used to describe a network based on advertising.

  • Outdoor led display
  • Digital billboards
  • Street furniture and networks of place-based signs are offered to businesses.

DOOH advertising is one of the most rapidly expanding forms of advertising nowadays because of its many enticing qualities. Just to give you an idea, it’s completely immune to the regular online advertising problems.

There are certain similarities between the online display and DOOH advertising, such as the use of targeting and improved traffic analytics, however, it is completely immune to ad blockers and consumers can’t skip DOOH advertisements.

Online display ads have become less creative over time, while it requires a greater level of creativity.

BAITRONIC’S products are the most efficient and they work very smoothly without causing any discomfort.

An Invincible Advertising Medium

The tremendous growth of DOOH advertising is because it can reach people in the real world and in real-time without any of the difficulties that other advertising channels have to contend with.

DOOH can be found

  • In movie theater halls.
  • Other places may include shopping malls.
  • Convenience stores and supermarkets are the two main types of establishments.
  • Bus, rail, and airline shelters.
  • Hospital waiting rooms.
  • On long traveling roads.

Why DOOH is considered important nowadays?

All over the world, most people spend 8.74 hours each day doing activities like work, leisure, and sports away from home. A third of your day is spent away from home, in other words. In addition, one-third of the day is reserved for leisure activities. The advertising timeframes for print, radio, television and other digital channels are getting shorter and shorter.

Businesses may utilize outdoor advertising (DOOH) to reach their target audience when individuals are less occupied outside of their houses. At this time of day, advertising is at its most effective level. People who ride the bus in the morning may be exposed to advertisements for nearby coffee shops as an example of this phenomenon.

Digital out-of-house (DOOH) media is significant for several reasons, including the fact that it is measurable, easily accessible, effective, and less invasive than traditional advertising methods. It may help businesses stand out from the crowd and be heard over the noise of the crowd.

Being where the people may be

In the most recent days, it has been confirmed that due to the creation of DOOH, many people have been able to view the ongoing situations while they are out. This tends to be extremely effective since a large number of people can view the most authentic news.

What should you consider before buying an outdoor LED screen

There are certain things you need to bear in mind before you buy an outdoor LED screen:

  • The location where it is being installed.
  • The content that is to be displayed.
  • The viewing distance.

How DOOH is useful to one business

Many companies have installed DOOH and their business has taken a rise. This tends to display all the necessary information that should be in the knowledge of everyone. By using it, it has been easy for companies to let their products gain popularity since half of the work is done with the help of these screens.

Since they are mostly used outdoor the people on the streets may be paying attention to the products that have been newly launched and to those new collections of designer clothes. Displaying the products on it targets the audience and somehow it forces them to look out for the products that they have seen on the big 3D screen.

Every day new ad is displayed and that is how every company has been benefiting from the invention of this very tool.

BAITRONIC’S tends to provide the best quality of DOOH products that can satisfy ones’ needs and it also has a long duration which makes it the most desired product.

Benefits of DOOH

Digital out-of-home advertising that works

In a world dominated by clicks, likes, and page views, digital out-of-home advertising appears to be a vital media source. Although internet advertising may be blocked or paused, digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising can’t be. As viewers move about their daily lives, they are assaulted with enticing advertisements.

DOOH advertising is a booming market

  • The message which needs to be delivered to a massive group of people at the same time without any delay is possible by installing this screen that can help in relaying the information without any delay and the content on it is always monitored helps to keep the surroundings safe.
  • Programmatic purchasing of DOOH inventory has brought it in line with more traditional advertising methods. Purchasing such advertising space has become easier as a result of this, saving both time and money. Programmatic DOOH, like internet programmatic, does not have a “race to the bottom” pricing structure. More control over the CPM floor price is available to media owners, who can set it. Due to a scarcity of digital display inventory relative to internet inventory, digital out-of-home (DOOH) pricing remains expensive.
  • Digital out-of-home advertising, in contrast to internet advertising, does not rely on third-party cookie data to properly target viewers for its ads. Digital-out-of-growth homes DOOH are being fuelled by other data analysis technologies that may provide anonymous audience composition and behavior insights for marketers.
  • Monitoring mobile devices, WIFI-sniffer, and AI computer vision systems like Deep-Sight are utilized by DOOH publishers to provide media buyers with network performance information. Ad agencies are turning to DOOH because it is not affected by the new cookie rules and gives extensive data on the effectiveness of campaigns.

Wide audiences may be reached using digital out-of-home media.

The more people are to see your content the more information they gain and learn about your efforts. Footfall data, also known as impression data, is becoming an increasingly important part of digital out-of-home advertising as the principal currency for programmatically purchased ad space for DOOH displays. Digital out-of-home advertising space is often sold on a per-thousand-impression basis. By using this screen a large group of people gathered at the same place can watch the same thing at a common location where they can even interact with it. You may utilize audience analysis tools like Deep-Sight to analyze how successfully your DOOH campaigns interact with your target audiences, just like you do with internet advertising.

3D DOOH screens

Digital out-of-home advertising is growing more and more common in today’s environment. The newest DOOH invention is 3D billboards. Because billboards’ principal job is to draw attention, marketers will go to great lengths to get their message across. Consider a scenario in which the 3D picture of a product is displayed on a big screen at the very top of a building. Now is the time to act. The 3D DOOH billboard has served its purpose at this time. Glasses are used to divide two images, which are subsequently conveyed to the viewer’s left and right eyes, respectively, to create a 3D illusion. The left and right images on the naked-eye 3D display are delivered to the viewer’s left and right eyes separately to generate the 3D DOOH illusion.

We now have 3D LED billboards that don’t require glasses because of today’s advanced 3D display technology. LED screen manufacture and controller software have made this possible. To provide a 3D effect, cutting-time display (time-sharing 3D technology) and multi-function glasses-free or naked-eye 3D technology are both utilized. Image processing techniques are used to remove the parallax between the left and right eyes in order for the original 2D image to be more visually appealing. Display technologies like DOOH that may be seen with the naked eye include gratings, cylindrical lenses, and holographic projection, among others.

The differences in software and hardware and specific requirements for outdoor naked-eye 3D LED display and regular LED display are highly noticeable.

Benefits of 3d DOOH screen

More attention-catching and tells a better story

It is a known cause that the use of these 3D DOOH screens has a better effect on society and it also attracts the attention of the crowd whether to display a new product of any company or advertizing any new Netflix season that needs to be known by everyone or either is gaining popularity.

The 3D Billboards are used mostly used nowadays because people of this era demand a new outlook, something which would fascinate them and attract them towards themselves. The 3D outdoor led display that BAITRONICS provides is easy to use and is long-lasting.

The colorful and 3D effect of the DOOH screen tends to make the youth attracted towards and it also proves to be extremely beneficial to the business owners as their products are shown in 3D effect which gives a better light to their newly launched products. The 3D DOOH screen is waterproof and easily usable.

What is an LED billboard?

The need to provide information and to communicate with others more effectively has become a need that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Due to the rise of advancing technologies like DOOH , the traditional method of communication has lost its efficiency. This is one thing that explains the success of LED billboards, which is a source that tends to provide information to everyone when set up in the busiest areas of any city. The ability to play the content that may consist of videos and photographs is the reason for its recent success.

In addition to broadcasting ads using static or moving digital images, LED billboards can be combined with other resources, such as 3D claims. Because of their communicative potential, they are becoming increasingly visible on major city streets. This is not surprising given the significant benefits they provide to businesses that expand their exploitation through advertising.

LED billboards can be used to distribute digital content

We must send the advertisements to begin broadcasting once the digital billboard is installed on a roof or building. The most practical method is to remotely send this information to the LED billboard.

Regardless of how far away the LED billboard is installed, you can start, send, and upload ads to DOOH from your office.

Outdoor LED screen

The outdoor led display or DOOH is especially very popular in the market these days. It is due to the reason that they work in a new way that tends to advertise a business that could lead to increase the sales. This very new tool is used mostly for advertising, using it is more convenient since they are displayed to the people who are out there in groups and a lot of people who are doing work can easily take note of the ongoing situation and trends. Outdoor LED screen are the reasons of today’s fast progress and it is also one of the fastest mean of communication.

These are easy to move and can be shaped in any size to meet according to your need and the space of the area. Outdoor screens or DOOH tend to display the content without any interruption with ads which is why they are more in demand.

Why outdoor LED screens are widely used?

Outdoor LED screens tend to provide numerous benefits and can be used according to one’s needs and how one intends to use them. They are widely used for their efficiency and how they attract the attention of the crowd. These video walls are mostly utilized in places like:

  • In amusement parks.
  • In church.
  • For business purposes.
  • Cinemas and events.

Benefits of outdoor LED screens

High resistance and are long-lasting

Outdoor LED screens require high resistance to any kind of damage and they are almost made of steel which makes them more long-lasting and has high resistance to any kind of damage that could cause the owner to go through a tough time.

Attractive displays

Using an led advertising screen is more effective the visuals are displayed more effectively due to the help of the sunlight. This attracts the attention of the tourists and helps to make the location look like a new world that represents the art of technology.

Increased brightness and clear view

Outdoor LED screens and have pixels that help to show the visuals clearly with the aid of sunlight. The more the sunlight the more brightness the screen shows.

Provide accurate content

Led advertising screen tends to provide accurate content to the group of people at the same time which is also very helpful in making the people stay alerted about the ongoing situations and it also advertises the content people may like.

Better return on investment

Every time a company wants to modify its billboard advertisement, they have to pay for the labor, printing, and maintenance costs. Outdoor screens allow for the development of the ads to be done without taking any printing or labor costs. It is because they are created on a computer and are transmitted to the display software.