IP68 Outdoor LED Screen

BAITRONICS DF-outdoor led screen

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BAITRONICS DF is the pioneer of outdoor fixed LED screen, with aluminum or ultra-thin iron and steel cabinet front and rear maintenance design. IP68 waterproof, suitable for led billboards, traffic signs, stadiums, cubes, 3D displays, etc.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS DF-outdoor led screen

Quiet Cooling Mechanism

BAITRONICS DF adopts an aluminum shell kit, which is ventilated around, and the ultra-thin and simple cabinet design, coupled with the independent design of the power box and the LED module, ensures excellent heat dissipation and quieter operation of the outdoor LED screen.

BAITRONICS DF-outdoor led screen

Energy Saving 30%-60%

BAITRONICS DF adopts common-cathode technology, and the common-cathode power supplies power to the red, green, and blue LED chips separately to achieve the purpose of precise power supply, which can reduce the power consumption of outdoor LED screens by 30%-60%.

BAITRONICS DF-outdoor led screen

Strong Fire Resistance

The LED module adopts aluminum alloy shell and high temperature resistant material, which can withstand high temperature and dissipate heat quickly. The mask adopts VO standard refractory material, which can work normally in high temperature environment. Strong fire resistance is the most representative feature of BAITRONICS DF outdoor led screen.

BAITRONICS DF-outdoor led screen

Application Field

Commercial exhibitions and outdoor advertising: mainly used in shopping malls, hotels, squares, parks, office buildings, landmarks and other scenes.
Traffic: At intersections or expressways, it is mainly used in scenarios such as urban arterial roads, dense road areas, and expressways.
Stadium: Provide live broadcast, scoring/timing, schedule information and advertisements of various sports events.


Currently, the best-selling products of the DF series are p6.6, P8 and p10mm. If smaller pitch is required, we can customize p3.8mm and p5.33mm.

Currently provide 640*640, 960*960, 1280*960, 1280*1280mm, and even larger sizes.

No, they are all-aluminum housings to prevent corrosion, oxidation and rust. And it is not easy to deform.

They can be used for at least 8 years. In addition, we provide spare parts free of charge for customers to replace.

Yes, as long as it is the same series of products, its module size, hole position, and cabinet structure are the same, and it can be replaced with each other.