Intelligent Outdoor LED Display

BAITRONICS sdooh-outdoor led display

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The world’s first thinnest and lightest DOOH outdoor advertising LED screen comes from BAITRONICS TECHNOLOGIES, which has changed the design and installation of traditional outdoor LED screens. Convenient installation and maintenance give customers a different experience, and they no longer need to be confused and troubled by complicated and heavy steel structures, high transportation costs in transportation and additional expenses for installers. It is an LED screen that everyone can install.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS sdooh-outdoor led display

Wireless MINI Power Supply

Each module of sDOOH is embedded with a high-performance mini power supply, which supports any voltage conversion from 96V to 264V, high-performance PFC function, super heat dissipation function, wireless design and gold-plated connector connection, which is very convenient for installation and maintenance.

BAITRONICS sdooh-outdoor led display

Create Outdoor Standardized Design

The module size of the sDOOH series is a standardized design of 320mm*320mm. In addition, the ultra-thin cabinets it uses are all compatible, such as 640*320, 640*640, 640*960, 640*1280 are compatible with each other, and can match any product in the sDOOH series.

BAITRONICS sdooh-outdoor led display

Super High Brightness

The dot pitch of BAITRONICS sDOOH series can reach 6000-6500nits. At the same time, it has a longer service life, so that the LED screen can provide more colorful and bright videos and pictures.

BAITRONICS sdooh-outdoor led display

Stable High Temperature Resistant Module

The LED modules adopt modular design, molded by BAITRONICS, high temperature resistance and unique heat dissipation. A single LED module adopts a fully enclosed waterproof and high temperature resistant design, without any wire connection, and all connectors and pin headers are gold-plated.

BAITRONICS sdooh-outdoor led display

Intelligent setting and debugging

All LED modules of the sDOOH Series support intelligent setting, and LED modules can be installed at any position of the LED Cabinet at will. During the LED screen debugging, we will not worry about the loss and error of configuration file. They will automatically identify RCG or RCFG files. This can save the time of LED screen debugging and setting.

3840HZ-7680 HZ super high refresh rate

In order to pursue the principle of high-end, high quality and high performance, sDOOH’s unique modular, intelligent and simple design can make the refresh of LED screen reach the selection range of 3840HZ to 7680HZ. At the same time, the outdoor LED screen can provide pictures and videos with high refresh, high gray and high contrast!

Greatly reduce transportation costs

The sDOOH series is different from traditional outdoor DOOH advertisements. Only the simplest carton and ultra-thin wooden box packaging. With the sDOOH series, only 1.5 cubic wooden boxes are needed for packaging, and the weight of the whole machine is only 400KG (including all items and wooden boxes). So it can save more shipping cost for customers.