Common Cathode Outdoor LED Display

BAITRONICS UT-outdoor led display

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BAITRONICS UT is the latest outdoor LED display designed by BAITRONICS at the end of 2020. Outdoor large size 480mm*320mm, front maintenance LED module adopts 16:9 ratio design to ensure greater stability and flatness. Lighter and thinner, it has the characteristics of high protection, safety and stability, simple structure, “wireless” connection of LED cabinets, and the latest common cathode energy-saving technology.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS UT-outdoor led display

Common Cathode with Energy-Saving Upto 75%

The LED display common cathode energy-saving technology applied by BAITRONICS UT, the current will first pass through the lamp bead, and then reach the IC cathode. Reduce forward voltage drop, reduce on-resistance, such a common cathode power supply can save energy by up to 75%.

BAITRONICS UT-outdoor led display

140 Degree Large Viewing Angle

The mask is based on a custom design of BAITRONICS patented LED modules, allowing a single light source to naturally emit maximum light at both horizontal and vertical angles and maintain a 140-degree viewing angle throughout the outdoor LED display.

BAITRONICS UT-outdoor led display

Save Steel Structure Upto 40%

The structure of BAITRONICS UT is easy to install, which can save 40% of the steel structure in the installation of outdoor LED display, and does not need the heavy steel structure frame like the traditional display. Save a lot of material and labor costs.

BAITRONICS UT-outdoor led display

Front and Rear Maintenance

BAITRONICS UT series adopts a unique T-shaped tool design, which makes maintenance and installation faster and more stable. The LED module can be removed by turning the lock cylinder to open the side lock. It can be taken out directly from the front of the LED screen, or from the back of the LED cabinet.


Available in aluminium or iron cabinets. Their weights differ by 10 kg/m². If the budget is not high, it is recommended to choose iron cabinets. If the steel structure is used less and the weight is limited, aluminum cabinets are recommended. If used at sea, corrosion-resistant aluminum cabinets are recommended.

Since it is thinner and lighter than the traditional outdoor LED screen, it can be directly used for wall hanging. Can also be mounted on pillars, roofs and vehicles. No complicated steel structure is required.

Yes, we can customize other pixels according to customer’s needs.

BAITRONICS UT is designed for outdoor use, which means the brightness must reach 5000cd/sqm. We have a brightness range of 6000-10000 (cd/sqm) for you to choose from, you can also buy a brightness sensor fixed on our LED screen, it can recognize the light and adjust the brightness automatically.

No, all its LED modules are aluminum bottom shells, and the cooling system is perfect.