Flexible LED Display

BAITRONICS is a group of experienced professionals who have years of working with this technology. For us, no project or design is too complex to work on. The BAITRONICS team tends to work in consultation with you so that we can provide you with a stunning flexible display.

Moreover, we tend to work and produce the best quality products that will satisfy our customers with high quality.

Flexible LED display: what is it?

The term “Flexible LED display” means that it comprises pitched pixels on a malleable material such as PCB or rubber. To protect the circuit from damage on both sides, it is insulated using a flexible transparent material. This type of structure helps to make the flexible screens stay highly resilient. During installation, they might get contorted, but they still tend to show crisp images to provide the customers with a comfortable experience.

The flexible LED screen consists of numerous foldable LED panels mounted together. This helps them to take up different shapes depending on how the individual screens are arranged in a certain manner. To create a seamless video wall, the panels are joined together by using magnets along the borderlines. This tends to help show a high-quality picture.

The flexible display products that BAITRONICS provides are made with the best quality products and are perfect for people who have a business to run. The BAITRONICS products are the best option since they are budget-friendly and also tend to provide many qualities that one might require for the business.

Specifications of the Flexible LED

  • It tends to own a high capability of protection, for instance, it has a high dust-proof ability.
  • It also has high-standard visuals, including a high contrast ratio or control of high brightness.
  • Flexible displays also tend to have a unique flexibility ratio that makes it the best option for businessmen since this will help them show the details in a better perspective with high quality.
  • It is perfect for indoor applications and is mainly used for close viewing distance.
  • It supports a high refresh rate and low power consumption rate.

Creative design of the display

BAITRONICS tend to offer flexible screens that are made to fit in your space easily and captivate the attention of the audience towards itself. Whether it is going to be a conference hall or a 3D gaming place, you can count on the product of the flexible screen that is provided by BAITRONICS. They always tend to deliver high-resolution videos or images at all possible times. We have tailored-made them, so they are available in different dimensions and have several pixel pitch options depending upon your needs.

The BAITRONICS Flexible screen is made up of lightweight, durable rubber material. They are also easy to install and can be mounted 15 meters from the remote power to provide more room for installation. Additionally, they tend to deliver high-resolution images, making them the most desired product of all time.

flexible led display-BAITRONICS

BAITRONICS Flexible led display

The BAITRONICS FL240 and BAITRONICS FL320 are the best options for one who has a business and wants to attract the crowd’s attention. They are made for the sole purpose of promoting one’s business to attract the crowd’s attention.

Indoor advertising screen

  • The flexible screens that BAITRONICS provides work in various indoor settings. The visuals that are displayed are incredibly vivid and also have crystal-clear effects.
  • These flexible screens can be used for storefront window decoration, adorning conference halls, and for lining the hallways of a restaurant.
  • If you have a business that needs to catch the eyes of the people, then this is the best tactic you should be opting for.

BAITRONICS flexible screens are available for all types of business owners and for gamers to stream their gaming sessions live. We tend to provide very versatile and reasonably priced indoor advertising screens. BAITRONICS is one of the most trusted places you can trust for your tasks and has the most efficient product that also tends to meet your standards.

Cylindrical led display

This type is innovative and also has an outstanding ability for advertisement that can easily tempt the crowd’s attention. The flexible led screens can be designed as a sphere circle, squares and also into barrel cuboids and many more shapes according to your choice.

Curved led display

Adding curved flexible LED panels to modular LED displays allows for a smooth transition from a flat surface around a corner, thus expanding the display’s versatility.

BAITRONICS tends to provide fine products that will meet your business needs. These flexible screens are designed in such a way that they will help you boosts your business’s sales and make more investments in a short period. We tend to make flexible curved displays products with the best quality possible to satisfy our customers and let them have comfortable experience.

flexible led display-BAITRONICS

Curved led display

Flexible LED display boosts your business

When it comes to boosting one’s business it is necessary to invest in the best tools and for this purpose, investing in a curved display is one of the best options that one can opt for. They are made to attract the eyes of the crowd and make sure that the sales or for any purpose it is being used for, are fulfilled.

In addition, a video wall that can be customized for the display of commercials and other information can be set up. Put up some of these curved flexible displays to advertise your wares and attract new consumers. You should take advantage of the various benefits offered by these displays.

BAITRONICS is one of the most trusted places where you can look for good quality flexible led displays products. We have all the products including the best quality curved led display that will satisfy your needs according to your situation. We make our flexible-led products based on how they will benefit our customers. This is done to give our customers a comfortable experience with their business.

Eye-catching design

Curved-led displays are designed in such a way that they tend to offer the best quality videos and images with high resolution. The featured quality on the curved flexible display tends to allow you to let your creative work displayed on them shine through. This way, you easily get to work on the designs aligned with your business and the services or products you offer.

LED walls are one of the products for you that will help you showcase your designs and attract the eyes of the people to your business. Given that, you can also customize your led video wall’s brightness and pixel pitch. Creating great designs on them has become more accessible due to the modifications we have made. They also allow you to have great flexibility and experiment with different designs to see what will work best for you.

Promotion of your brand

The use of flexible LED panels might increase exposure and, consequently, sales. They’re a great way to introduce people to your company and what you have to offer. For this to work, you need to make folks an offer they can’t reject.

Don’t only focus on the graphics. Emphasize the value that your consumers will receive as a result of working with you. In terms of advertising, this is a terrific strategy for reaching a wider audience and growing your business. More consumers will be drawn in, and you may succeed with the aid of your displays.


For businesses, finding a cost-effective solution is always the main priority and is always on the list. This is the part where indoor led displays play a significant role. These indoor screens are designed in a budget-friendly way and are considered to be the most significant investment for any business owner. High-quality yet budget-friendly LED display, a perfect deal for you.

flexible led display-BAITRONICS

Excellent flexible led screen

Indoor Displays as Greater ROI

These indoor displays offer greater returns after the investment is made when used correctly to attract potential customers to your business. BAITRONICS provides fine indoor led walls for your business and comes in various ranges that are perfect for one’s business.

These indoor led panels are also budget-friendly and are manufactured by taking note of every detail that an indoor flexible led display should be consisted of. The indoor led walls that BAITRONICS provide offer excellent quality images, text, and videos at a friendly price, allowing you to put them into operation in your business.

Easy installation and maintenance

  • To put in place a flexible LED display requires nothing in the way of red tape or other obstacles. You can put them up independently because of how easy and flexible led wall displays are to implement.
  • Flexible led wall displays with strong mounting substrates are ready to be installed wherever you need them.
  • Because of their adaptable layout and straightforward instructions, setup is a breeze.
  • To top it off, the curved LED circuits may be accessed for maintenance.
  • Technicians can evaluate the condition and make repairs with as little downtime as possible if they have this data.
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Curved LED Screen-BAITRONICS FL240

BAITRONICS-flexible led display

Flexible LED Display-BAITRONICS FL320