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Curved LED Screen

BAITRONICS FL240 curved led screen, the bottom shell is made of high-quality silicone, flexible and can be bent at will, and the module is surrounded by high magnetic magnets, which is convenient for front-fit installation and maintenance, high contrast, high gray highlight, refresh rate 1920Hz or 3840Hz optional.

    • PCB+flexible rubber design
    • Easy to splice
    • Seamless stitching
    • 2880-3840hz fresh rate
flexible led screen-BAITRONICS fl320


Flexible LED Display

BAITRONICS FL320 flexible LED display, low current, low heat, high contrast ratio of 5000:1, high refresh rate of 2880-3840Hz, 14-18bit gray scale, showing a smooth and delay-free ultra-clear effect to the audience.

    • Non-cabinet design
    • Bending angle up to 135°
    • Various fixing methods
    • Easy installation with strong magnetism

Flexible LED Screen

What is a flexible LED screen?

A flexible LED screen is a display screen that is constructed of high-quality rubber and PCB materials. The circuit is protected from injury. Since it can be bent into any shape, the flexible screen differs significantly from standard flat screen in that it may be used to create a wide variety of unique devices and objects. Its flexibility of it guarantees sharp and clear images even after being bent in any direction after installation.

Soft LED displays are an excellent tool for attracting new customers to your business. Investing in a flexible LED screen may have a significant influence on the success of your business. The BAITRONICS is the best choices if you are thinking about installing Flexible LED screens in your company or in any of your workplace.

  • The design is more compact and saves floor space since the LEDs are not linked to a solid substrate.
  • It’s easy to install because of its pliable design.
  • Adjustable parameters include the size, shape, and pitch of the pixels.
  • Maintenance is a snap because of the circuits’ open design.

LED screens: what’s the big deal?

An LED display consists of a grid of red, green, and blue LEDs arranged in a certain pattern. Using these three colors, you get a single pixel. The intensity of it may be adjusted to produce an infinite number of colors. The screen’s grid of colorful pixels seems to create an image when viewed from a distance.

How Do You Make Use of a Flexible LED Screen?

Advertising and branding companies are increasingly relying on displays because of their ability to reach a huge audience and impress customers, resulting in immediate and real-time growth. Displays may be utilized in a variety of ways by businesses to accomplish a range of business goals. If you’re looking to spread your brand in a distinctive and personalized way, creating a flexible LED screen is an excellent solution. Over the past several years, flexible LED screens have emerged as one of the best options for businesses to invest in their future growth.

LED screens with a variety of display options

  • Due to their small weight and thinness, flexible screens may be used for any type of bending effect.
  • They are adaptable in every way. Depending on the requirements of the customer, a flexible LED screen may be built to produce various effects such as rolling, bending, and swinging.
  • It is very thin and light weight due to the utilization of specific materials and cutting-edge technologies.
  • There are a plethora of possibilities. Flexible screens are available in a broad variety of styles and shapes.
  • Flexible LED displays are most typically used in hotel advertising, stage leasing, commercial complexes, and stadiums, as well as other exhibition halls and galleries.

Why is flexible LED screen technology so popular?

The flexible LED display may be used as an educational display by businesses. It’s the right combination of user control and adaptability, thanks to its sleek design and high-quality photos. The adaptable series is an eye-catching complement to any setting, from shopping malls to airports with prominent flagship stores.

It’s possible to create a broad variety of intriguing and unique irregular shapes using flexible LED displays, such as circles and columns, ellipses, and triangles, all of which may be effortlessly integrated into any structure’s architecture. Displays made with flexible LEDs may be used as both architectural ornament and advertising screens because of their eye-catching, useful form.

Benefits of owning a Flexible LED screen

LED displays have grown in popularity as a result of their numerous benefits. There is a huge issue with the weight of displays and entertainment systems. Clients typically purchase many screens and combine them to create a bigger screen for larger graphics. Since it necessitates extra connections, space, and power consumption, this isn’t an option. The flexible screens are lighter, smaller, and more compact thanks to the circuit boards that are employed in them. It also reduces the number of cables on the screen without compromising functionality. Flexible LED screens can display signals from numerous sources without having to worry about power supply connections thanks to a variety of connection options, including DVD, HDMI, and USB.

Here some benefits are explained in detail which will help you to better understand the pros of owning a flexible LED screen:

Presented in a creative manner

Incorporating modular LED screens gives you the chance to present your company’s particular visual atmosphere in several shapes and sizes.

Flexible screens make it simpler and easier to create graphics that are consistent with your brand and the products or services you sell.

Customized to meet your needs

Flexible LED screens allow you to alter:

  • Dimensions.
  • Form.
  • The pixel pitch of the LED you are to buy.

Because you can adjust the pixel pitch, brightness, and shape on these displays, you can easily create designs that meet the needs of your clients and draw them into your business, which helps you to increase your profits.

Compatible with 3D LED display

There has been a lot of talk going around about the popularity and success of 3D LED panels. To achieve the 3D effect of the LED screen, it must be twisted in a precise arc, which the flexible LED screen is capable of doing. The use of a 3D screen can create a bigger visual impact on the audience, which is important for boosting the growth of your business and the influence of your brand.

Easy to install and take down

  • Its video displays can be installed in a variety of ways, and are not limited to enclosed cabinets.
  • LED video walls are built by stapling each module together with magnets. Using a magnetic snap-on construction and reducing space restrictions, soft displays may be easily installed, repaired, stored, and moved.

Using a flexible LED screen is a great option for installations that require many twists due to its ability to withstand extreme compression.


It doesn’t need steel support, thus they’re lighter and thinner than standard panels, making them more flexible.

A wide range of applications

Retail stores, hotels, stadiums, and outdoor stages for concerts and other events may all benefit from the flexible LED screen since they can be easily built and removed when the time comes to do so. Doing something fun and engaging with the live audience.


Businesses are frequently concerned about finding low-cost display choices. Flexible displays are very helpful in this situation. The cost-effective flexible LED screen was first developed due to its reduced steel frame construction. However, they are an excellent investment since they optimize your business’s growth.

Your firm may benefit from the unique flexibility of flexible displays. These screens might be tough to choose from because each project demands a different kind of screen. Before commencing any project, there are a few things to keep in mind while picking the finest flexible LED screen.

Indoor LED screen

  • Our flexible displays shine in a wide range of interior settings. They are simple to read thanks to their vibrant, high-contrast images.
  • These screens may be utilized in hallways, conference rooms, exhibition windows, and even as ceiling fixtures due to their adaptability. This would be a great way to attract your target audience’s attention.

BAITRONICS tend to sell the best indoor screens. A cost-effective and adaptable method of advertising is to use our indoor advertising displays. To the best of our ability, we’ll complete all of your duties on schedule.

What is a curved LED screen?

BAITROICS has flexible LED screens as these screens with curved edges are typical practice. Modular displays make it easy to switch between flat and curved panels. They curve around the corner with grace and delicacy. In addition to advertising and marketing, LED displays may be used for a variety of other purposes. It’s possible to fine-tune the brightness of pixels and displays in a variety of ways. It’s possible to mount LED displays securely on a variety of different types of supports.

Benefits of owning a curved LED screen

  • Peripheral vision must be trained to compensate for the narrow field of view provided by these displays.
  • An extended viewing angle is provided by the curved LED panel.
  • Because of the screen’s curvature, you get a 3-D effect, yet it’s completely painless.
  • It concluded that curved screens appear better than flat ones.

Curved LED screens for gamers

Assume you’re sitting on a beach, admiring the view. In front of you, the sky is endless, the water is turbulent, and the beach is white. You may see kilometers of coastline in your peripheral vision even if you’re staring straight ahead. There are no words to describe how enthralling it is. Curved LED video walls may provide a similarly immersive experience without the salty air and ocean smells, thanks to flexible LED modules’ ability to make exceptionally smooth convex and concave curved walls. With the ability to bend and curve to capture viewers’ peripheral vision and transfer them to a new location symbolically, curved LED technology is increasingly being used to build video walls in corporate, broadcast, and control rooms.

Use of curved LED screen in indoor events

Curved LED screen are mostly used in exhibitions and events. They tend to highlight the importance of a newly opened brand or in any exhibition where it could be needed. There are pretty comfortable to be set up anywhere and tend to display everything which needs to be displayed and acknowledged.

BAITRONIC’S store sells these curved led screens provided with the best quality along with long duration.

The LED screen is composed of LED panels.

An LED panel has several LEDs grouped on a single plate. A screen is equally dispersed. When viewing them, you do not look directly at the screen source, unlike other sources, such as fixtures or tubes. Due to the dispersed nature, it isn’t blinding.

Benefits of LED panels

Using these panels to cover a room’s walls has several advantages. There are several benefits to using these panels, such as:

Shows energy efficiency

The ultimate objective of energy efficiency is to reduce consumption and, hence, costs. Rather than using traditional fluorescent bins, panels are now being employed in a variety of applications.

Easy to maintain

The upkeep of these panels is a breeze. If you want to clean the panel, all you have to do is dampen a towel and wipe it down. Because it’s so simple to handle it yourself, you’ll save money on repairs and cleaning.

Advertising your business using a flexible LED screen

LED screens may be placed in a variety of locations.

If the screen is to be used indoors, it can be used in any space. These screens make it possible for you to highlight the importance of anything which can be acknowledged by everyone. Having these panels in any working office or any well-known company is a must since many meetings are held. Having to set up these panels in companies will give the building a trendy yet classic outlook.

Many applications call for the usage of curved LED displays. In a conference room, it may be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Another location where things are evolving is the movie theater, where curved displays are becoming more popular. Curved screens are used extensively in both advertising and construction.

Having indoor LED panels is a must since it fulfills all the requirements which people have demanded. These panels have a long duration. Indoor flexible displays that do not need direct sunlight, longevity, and display resolution. Indoor displays are more convenient than outdoor displays.

Analyze your company’s operations.

Consistent aesthetics and functionality are the only ways to leave a lasting impression on your audience. You must take into account both your company’s style and what you hope to achieve with a flexible panel before making a buying decision. For events like outdoor concerts and stages, flexible panels hung from the ceiling with an irregular form are great since they have individuality and decadence. On the other side, malls can profit from using flexible displays to display product information on the shelves.