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Flexible LED Display

BAITRONICS FL320-flexible led display

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BAITRONICS FL320 flexible LED display, low current, low heat, high contrast ratio of 5000:1, high refresh rate of 2880-3840Hz, 14-18bit gray scale, showing a smooth and delay-free ultra-clear effect to the audience.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS FL320-flexible led display

Inner arc screen

When you need to grab the attention of a wide audience, a huge inner arc advertising screen is a good choice. It immerses the audience in the screen and presents it with the most perfect viewing angle.

BAITRONICS FL320-flexible led display

Tree LED screen

The design of the tree-shaped LED display is inspired by environmental protection and futuristic elements, giving the audience a sense of luxury. As long as there are novel ideas, BAITRONICS will try their best to create.

BAITRONICS FL320-flexible led display

Cylindrical screens

LED cylindrical screens meet the need for a personalised audiovisual experience, with a full 360 degree range of complete image content on display, completely eliminating viewing dead zones.

BAITRONICS FL320-flexible led display

Wave screen

LED wave screen creative display manifest individual culture, achievement of urban landscape, win infinite business opportunities. The widespread use of wave screens adds a lot of style to the architectural theme.


They are all flexible LED displays. Because different scenes require different sizes, there are two specifications. If you need a smaller pitch, we recommend FL240.

No, it is for indoor use, if you need to clean it, you can use a semi-moist cloth.

The 2880hz picture will have a slight moiré pattern, while the 3840hz picture will be clearer and smoother, so we recommend customers to choose a 3840hz IC driver, which can provide better display effects.

It uses a private PCB, larger LED and IC pins, SMT patch and high temperature boiler, additional single LED spot welding to ensure that 100% of the LED is welded on the LED module. In addition, BAITRONICS also considers the location of the IC when designing the PCB. All locations of the IC avoid the most curved surfaces of the LED module. When bending any soft led module, the IC will not be under a lot of stress!

When used for cylindrical or circular LED display, the minimum diameter can be 0.6m.