Flexible led screen:how to choice p2.5 or p3?

Flexible led screen is a commonly used product for making curved screens. In addition to making curved screens, it can also be used as cylindrical LED displays, various ribbon LED displays, etc. The more commonly used models are P3LED soft module and P2.5LED soft module. When choosing, many customers don’t know which one to choose, which is better, P3 or P2.5LED soft module?

If it is based on the screen selection idea of conventional indoor LED displays, the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution and the better the clarity. But at the same time, the price will be higher, and you can’t have both. So is it also suitable for this kind of screen selection rule on the BAITRONICS flexible LED screen?

From the screen technical parameters:

Then from the technical parameters of the screen, the P2.5 is definitely better than the P3: for example, the dot pitch of the P3 LED soft module is 3mm, and the dot density of the screen is 111111 dots/㎡. The dot pitch of P2.5LED soft module is 2.5mm, and the dot density of the screen is 160000 dots/㎡. From this point of view, the P2.5LED soft module is better than the P3LED soft module.

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Flexible screen technology

Spacing and Density

P1.875 LED display, whether it is a soft module or a hard module, the pitch is 1.875mm, and the dot density is 284444 dots/㎡.

Module size

The module size of the Fl240 series P1.875 hard module is 240*240mm, while the module size of the soft module is: 240*120mm.

Installation method

The P 1.875 hard module can be installed by magnetic suction or in a box. If it is in a box, the box must be a die-cast aluminum box. The back of the 1.875LED soft module is all designed with strong magnetism, which can only be installed by magnetic attraction.

Production form

Conventional P1.875 hard modules can only be used as flat screens, while soft modules can be made into cylindrical, ribbon-shaped and other curved screens.
There is a prerequisite for the comparison between products, because there are two module sizes for P2.5LED soft modules , one is 320*160mm, and the other is 240*120mm. The price of P2.5 LED soft modules The size of the module is 320*160mm. If the size of the module is 240*120mm, the price will be much more expensive. The size of the P3 LED soft module is 240*120mm, not the 192*192mm size of the conventional P3LED display.

Features of flexible modules:

1. The module is soft, unique in type selection, and easy to install;
2. The mask is made of silica gel, which is flat and has no color difference;
3. Strong flexibility and can be made into any shape;
The cable and power cord adopt quick connectors, which are convenient and fast to install, and can be used together with professional audio and video processing systems;
5. The product supports multiple signal inputs, such as AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, H- SDI, etc.;
6. Applicable to various installation methods, such as hoisting, surface mount, etc.;
7. Standard interface definition, supporting multiple control card drivers, such as nova, colorlight, linsn.

flexible led screen-BAITRONICS

Product features of flexible led screen

When we choose the LED soft screen model, we can check whether it is suitable for our project according to the characteristics of the soft screen and the technical parameters of the specific specifications and models, and then choose which type of soft module to use according to the budget of the project. Many people may ask, then the P2.5 LED soft module is good and cheap, so why develop the P3LED soft module? This problem starts with the development history of soft modules. LED soft screen manufacturers always start with large spacing when developing products. Large spacing is low in R&D costs and relatively low technical requirements. The main research and development success rate is high, and then continue. optimization and improvement. The P3LED soft module is a product on the road of research and development, but it also has its uses. The module size is 240*120mm, which is smaller than that of the P2.5 LED soft screen, which has certain advantages when designing some narrow screens.

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