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Portable Interactive Dance Floor

BAITRONICS DL-interactive dance floor

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BAITRONICS DL portable interactive dance floor. The LED cabinet is light in structure, has exclusive mounting rails, and integrates an intelligent sensor chip, which can track people’s movements, strengthen the resonance between the scene and people, and achieve the effect of interaction on and off the field.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS DL-interactive dance floor

Large Viewing Angle

The horizontal and vertical viewing angles of LED dance floor screens of the same level are only 100-120 degrees, while BAITRONICS DL series can reach 140 degrees. A wider angle means a wider field of view.

BAITRONICS DL-interactive dance floor

Cabinet Front Maintenance

The most portable interactive dance floor maintenance design. Each LED box adopts a magnetic suction design, and the LED box that needs to be repaired can be taken out with a charging suction cup tool. This pre-maintenance method from disassembly to replacement of a new LED box only takes 3 seconds.

BAITRONICS DL-interactive dance floor

Unique Convenience Track

BAITRONICS has designed a unique metal rail. The LED stage can be built directly by installing the LED display on the metal track without any tool assistance. Thanks to this unique track, BAITRONICS DL can also be used for stage rentals or commercial rentals.

BAITRONICS DL-interactive dance floor

High Brightness

The waterproof rating of IP65 on the front and IP54 on the back makes it suitable for use in some outdoor environments, and the white balance brightness can reach 3000-4000cd/sqm. Sufficient brightness enables it to face all kinds of strong light without affecting the image quality.


It is maintained in the same way as regular LED screens. One-stop maintenance is achieved by removing the cover. Moreover, the convex design of the mask increases the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the surface, which has a great protective effect on the lamp beads. Reduce the possibility of lamp damage and reduce costs!

The guide rail has high requirements on the flatness of the site. If the ground of the installation site is not flat, it is recommended to add wooden boards on the ground to ensure the flatness of the ground, and then install the guide rails.

Yes, but we recommend using guide rails, because the foot cups are single-point load-bearing, and the guide rails are load-bearing around the screen, which is relatively stable and will not cause an overhead screen.

We will use special flight case for customers to transport, one flight case can accommodate 8 LED cabinets.

Of course, we can remove this feature for you, and of course its total price will be reduced.

We have prepared beautiful 50sets Programs videos for our clients. If you are not satisfied with the video, we can customize the program for you.