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Best LED Dance Floor

BAITRONICS DL Pro-interactive led floor

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BAITRONICS DL Pro is the best LED dance floor, its biggest feature is IP68 waterproof, it can display normally even if immersed in water, in addition, it also has a unique IC infrared sensor design, a unique BAISYSTEM minimalist system and other functions that make the LED display screen is more attractive.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS DL Pro-interactive led floor

Extreme Load Bearing

The maximum load capacity of BAITRONICS DL Pro is up to 3500kg/sqm, which can superimpose a 1.5-ton car on a 2-ton car. Tens of thousands of performers perform on the 500-square-meter stage, and in countries such as Arabia, BAITRONICS DL Pro is also used for international equestrian performances.

BAITRONICS DL Pro-interactive led floor

Special 3-Resistant 4-Proof Housing

LED modules and housings are custom made from unique, high-quality materials. It has 3 grades of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and 4 grades of anti-slip, anti-collision, anti-reflective and waterproof. Let the DL pro series have a longer service life, up to 100,000 hours.

BAITRONICS DL Pro-interactive led floor

Cabinet Front Maintenance

Each LED cabinet of BAITRONICS DL Pro is magnetically designed, and the LED cabinet that needs to be repaired can be removed by using a charging suction cup tool to achieve the purpose of precise maintenance. This kind of front maintenance method from disassembly to replacement of the new LED cabinet takes only 3 seconds.

BAITRONICS DL Pro-interactive led floor


The BAITRONICS DL Pro LED floor display system has been upgraded and simplified on the basis of NOVA, LINSN and Color Light systems, and all actions can be operated with one button of the system. The difference between BAISYSTEM and Nova and Linsn is that it can automatically identify and create rcg and rcfg configuration files to avoid configuration file errors or loss.


First of all it is IP68 waterproof and can be completely immersed in water, in addition it is equipped with a custom remote control system, unique IC infrared induction design and heat dissipation design, a unique product.

Absolutely. Many customers purchase the DL Pro for commercial performances such as stage rental shows or auto shows. Due to its powerful functions, disassembly and assembly are also very convenient.

No, although it has powerful cooling, its work is silent.

When there is a problem with the cabinet, you can take out the problem cabinet through the suction cup, and then take out the screws from the back of the cabinet to maintain the module.

Its system is the most unique, of course it will provide more programs than SL and DL, we will provide 108 free induction videos and programs for free, and also accept customization.