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Stage LED Screen

BAITRONICS SL-stage led screen

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BAITRONICS SL are classic stage LED screen. High-strength anti-collision cabinets, large and small spacing, high load-bearing, various high brightness and gray scale ratios, etc., meet the needs of various projects.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS SL-stage led screen

Front Maintenance

Front maintenance design, use a powerful suction tool to suck out the LED box, and then take out the module, power supply, and receiving card from the back of the box for maintenance. BAITRONICS SL series is more than 2 times faster than traditional LED floor maintenance, saving more time and manpower.

BAITRONICS SL-stage led screen

Special Foot Cup Support

The BAITRONICS SL series are designed with unique mounting cups. The height can be adjusted according to the flatness of the site. For example, if you need to build a stage on some uneven outdoor roads, SL stage LED screen can help you perfectly solve this problem.

BAITRONICS SL-stage led screen

Support Interactive Functions

Through the feedback of the pressure sensor, the effect of interacting with the sound of human footsteps can be realized. Such an interactive screen function is essential in large-scale stage occasions. BAITRONICS LED floor can achieve this function. The SL series supports the use of the Nova system and the ColorLight system. But the interactive display function is only supported by the nova system.

BAITRONICS SL-stage led screen

Performance face shield

BAITRONICS SL series stage screen masks are made of imported PC materials, which have the characteristics of high wear resistance, good flexibility, and good high and low temperature resistance. It’s scratch and trample resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees.


Of course, it can also be made into 500mm*500mm.

Yes, it is IP65 on the front and IP54 waterproof on the back, which can withstand some rain scenarios, but not submerged.

It is mounted on the foot cup and is detailed in our brochure.
Taking a stage screen with a length of 4 meters and a width of 4 meters as an example, it only takes ten minutes to complete the installation, which is very convenient and fast.

Of course, we will send the maintenance tool to you free of charge along with the screen.

It weighs 25kg, and the 2.0mm thick iron plate ensures that it is safe from stepping and bumping. Also, we recommend two people to install it.