All LED Screen

BAITRONICS Sdooh-outdoor led display

Sdooh series

  • lightweight
  • Outdoor Modular Design
  • Front and rear maintenance and installation
BAITRONICS UT-outdoor led display

UT series

  • Energy saving up to 75%
  • Hub “wireless” connection
  • Front and rear maintenance and installation
BAITRONICS DF-outdoor led screen

DF series

  • Energy saving 30%-60%
  • Waterproof grade IP68
  • Front and rear maintenance and installation
BAITRONICS FL240-curved led screen

Fl240 series

  • PCB+flexible rubber design
  • 2880-3840hz fresh rate
  • Seamless stitching
BAITRONICS FL320-flexible led display

Fl320 series

  • Non-cabinet design
  • Bending angle up to 135°
  • Easy installation with strong magnetism
BAITRONICS TI-indoor transparent screen

TI series

  • Simple and fast maintenance
  • Energy saving and environmental protection
  • Ultra thin and light
BAITRONICS TO-outdoor transparent screen

TO series

  • 3840hz High refresh rate
  • High permeability65%-80%
  • Light and thin design, 1000*500mm cabinet 7.6kg
BAITRONICS TF-transparent led film

TF series

  • Ultra high permeability 95%
  • Modular design
  • Ultra light and ultra-thin design
BAITRONICS HD-small pixel led display

HD series

  • COB packaging technology
  • 180°Large viewing angle
  • Ultra high contrast 1000000:1
BAITRONICS UHD-micro led display

UHD series

  • 1080P,4k,8k Adjustable resolution
  • Large Viewing Angle 180 degree
  • Cob modularization
BAITRONICS RL-outdoor video wall

RL series

  • Outdoor Front Maintenance
  • Super Light 7.5KG/pc
  • 6240HZ High Refresh rate
BAITRONICS LL-indoor led screen

LL series

  • Front and rear maintenance and installation
  • Ultra Light 6.3KG, And thin Depth 63.5mm
  • Magnetic Solution, Fully Magnet on modules
BAITRONICS SL-stage led screen

SL series

  • 500mm x 1000mm Rigid anti-collision design
  • 3000Kg/㎡ Super load-bearing
  • 120° Wide viewing angle
BAITRONICS DL-interactive dance floor

DL series

  • Intelligent Interactive Systems
  • 500x500mm Die-casting lightweight cabinet
  • Super load bearing 3000kg/m2
BAITRONICS DL pro-led floor

DL Pro series

  • 140° Wide viewing angle
  • Waterproof grade IP68
  •  Extreme load bearing 3500kg/m²

LED Screen

BAIRONICS is delivering LED screens of different sizes with amazing features to its customers. These are the lights emitting diodes that work best with your demand.

BAITRONICS LED screen can be used in boardrooms, specialty stores, meeting rooms, control centers, and monitoring rooms. The LED screens that BAITRONICS offers are the best choice for business owners since they can benefit from its extraordinary features and the LED Screen product of BAITRONICS is reliable and within one’s budget. BAITRONICS LED screen is made of top-notch quality material which makes it the best choice.

LED Screen: what does it do?

A technology that tends to use panels of LEDs as a source of light is actually a screen display which is known as an LED screen. Currently, you must have seen these LED screens all around the big shopping malls and on the most crowded roads of your city. These come in different sizes that make it easier for people to install and display the most important information that needs to be shown to the crowd.  It may consist of many LEDs that are closely spaced. The diodes tend to form an image on the screen by varying each LED’s brightness.

It tends to generate a vivid color picture by using the additive mixing of colors, in which new colors are produced by combining multiple colors. Green, blue and red LEDs are arranged to create an LED panel. Due to these three colors, a pixel is created. By altering the power of the LEDs you are able to create an infinite range of colors. The colored pixels of the LED screen array, are seen as a picture from a particular distance.

BAITRONICS LED screen is made of fine material and they are made to satisfy the customer’s need. The BAITRONICS LED screen is considered to be the best choice when it comes to running a business. The BAITRONICS LED screen is the type of screen that will make one desire to have it.

LED Screen: how much power does it use to display?

It depends on:

  • The type of display.
  • Level of brightness.
  • The usage time.

These are the factors that can tell how much power the LED display will consume. There are various types of LED panel. For instance, the power consumption of the outdoor LED panel is different than that of the indoor LED screen. A major factor that the display has is its brightness. The light from the display should not dazzle and the images displayed on the screen must be clear. The outdoor LED screens need their brightness level to be high in direct sunlight.

The content that is displayed also tends to have an impact. By adjusting the brightness of the colored diodes the LED screens display the content which can be seen. A text written on a white image tends to require more power and also the illuminated diodes than a simple text written in white on a black screen.

The BAITRONICS LED video wall comes in a variety of sizes and these are made by taking all the information necessary for one’s benefit.

How you can use an LED screen wall?

LED display screens are beneficial in today’s world, where everyone is interconnected with each other. To spread the message with everyone you need a wide big board that everyone can get an eye on. BAITRONICS is here to provide you best high-resolution LED screen wall with immense benefits that can help your business grow.

LED display has multiple uses and here you can get an idea of how you can get aid with these LED panels that can make your business a good profit. These constructive displays don’t only work as a business promotion service but you can use them to spread a message or public awareness.

Here are some ideas from which you can get help to use your LED screen to fulfill your purpose.

Help to spread information among the people

LED screen wall prove best to spread important messages to the public. In the time of mass media, people are more engaged in technology which serves the best purpose of making people aware of their surroundings. LED screens play a pivotal role in that by making the information all clear and big where everyone can clearly access that. To make announcements or deliver important information you can use these best BAITRONICS LED screens at such places:


LED panel walls prove to be very useful in offices where you need to make important announcements from time to time and make a better employer experience. In this scenario, LED screen panels are the best to keep everyone up-to-date regarding the business and important information regarding meetings, campaigns, etc.


Setting large LED displays or screen walls at bus stops, train stations or airports is a very productive technique to help and communicate with every single passenger or traveler about their inquires about arrival or departure timings. This makes it wide and clear to everyone visiting the area without any hassle.

Shops and streets

LED screens in the streets make the passerby notice and get aware of the information you need to share with the citizens. Similarly, it helps the shop owners to make offers and highlight the products that they want the passerby to notice. LED screen make advertisements profitable for the shop owners as it gets every passing eye on them.

With BAITRONICS HD screen you can fulfill the purpose of having the best quality display that you can use at your required spot of attraction.

Broadcasting of events that goes live

LED screen panels or LED displays are very obvious in the areas where there is a massive crowd of people and the sight of the stage is unclear to the ones standing back or far from. In such a situation LED screen wall performs their role whether it is some performance, talk, or show that is going live. Such conditions arise in places as follows:


In places where concerts are held or some festival going on. There is a huge crowd in public and very inconvenient for people to have a clear sight of the stage. To avoid making people feel left out LED screens are best to make them feel a part of the crowd they are standing in. by using the LED display with sharp resolution everyone can enjoy the gathering without any hassle.

Stadiums for sports

People are a fan of various sports matches whether it is football, cricket, tennis, or basketball. In such a mass of people and large distance it gets very unclear and tough to actually view the ground and people playing in it clearly. BAITRONICS has the best-LED display panels that allow you to make these people enjoy the match with a clear view and no trouble.

Talk interviews or mass presentations

Easy access to the stage is crucial for attendees of large-scale corporate events, congresses, and trade exhibitions hosted in auditoriums. If you’re giving a presentation or screening a film, use the screen so that your audience doesn’t miss a thing. By using the LED screen you can get more people involved in the conversation happening and even get useful responses from them.  

Promotion and advertisements of brands

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most lucrative uses and applications of LED displays are those linked with advertising. Promoting businesses and products by installing digital LED billboards in prominent locations throughout town, such as on top of buildings or in the city’s most well-known public spaces, is a proven strategy. This is a wonderful chance to market a product or service; since advertising in this medium will allow you to transmit promotions of different items, establish brand loyalty, reinforce its positioning before the competition, etc.

Such an LED display screen makes the promotional stuff better as it covers the larger audience in just a single glace and grabs multiple attention of the buyers of that product. It is a very useful yet one-time investment advertisement of the brand or product.

Make interior beautiful

LED displays to offer architects and interior designers a fresh avenue for conceptualization and expression in the built environment. The correct screen material may attract passers-by and accentuate any location, so using one in your window dressing is a smart method to attract more customers.

Adding a LED screen to your interior or exterior will make it more impactful for the customers as well as the viewers. Such LED displays work smarter to create a decorative look as well as make the information and promotions go around.

How LED display screen is beneficial for you?

Images that instantly grab your attention

LED advertising’s biggest strength is perhaps its ability to grab people’s attention, making it perfect for events ranging from fairs and festivals to campus activities. If your message is presented in a lively, interesting way, passers-by are more inclined to stop and pay attention to it. A person is far more likely to notice your content when it is shown on a bright and colorful LED screen than on a basic billboard with a few traditional light bulbs. Mobile LED billboards might make advertising campaigns more flexible than ever before.

Rare Opportunities to Promote Content

LED billboards offer a unique video platform for advertising since they can be set to only play specific videos at specific times. Depending on the time of day, different messages may be shown. For instance, during rush hour, a restaurant might promote its happy hour specials, while in the evening, it could promote its live music lineup. Commercials may be distributed at different times, letting advertisers reach specific audiences with relevant messaging. Because of the wealth of information they can present, LED display boards are ideally suited for effective brand advertising.

Applicable in any setting

The convenience of digital advertising technology lies in the fact that it may be remotely controlled over a common Wi-Fi connection. You can control as many billboards as you like with only a few clicks of your mouse. An advertisement that has shown to be effective in Atlanta may be tried out in Miami by simply downloading the necessary files to the administrative interface of the display program.

Control over the content you show

When you sponsor an event using digital billboards, you have control over the message that attendees get from your brand. In the retail industry, for instance, limited-time deals and promotions can entice walk-in customers and capitalize on the impulse buys they make. In the retail sector, LED signs are an excellent approach to get the attention of those who would not otherwise come into the store.

Long lifespan and little maintenance

One of the best things about digital billboards is how low-maintenance they are. On the other hand, traditional billboards are often made of vinyl, which readily scratches, and their lights need to be changed on a regular basis. Compared side by side, it’s easy to see why contemporary LED technology is quickly displacing traditional billboards as the preferred medium of choice for ads across the United States.

A Better Return on Investment from Out-of-Home Ads

With a permanent billboard, the business has to pay for both the advertisement’s creation (the vinyl) and placement (for using the airspace). With a digital billboard, you may create an unlimited number of advertisements on your computer and then upload them to the LED program at no additional cost. Only the cost of transportation will be deducted from your total. You may breathe new life into your out-of-home (DOOH) advertising campaign and boost your return on investment by using digital advertising displays.

The Pros for Billboard Companies

Switching from traditional billboards to digital ones is a terrific way for a billboard company to set itself apart from its competitors. Digital billboards allow you to sell the same board to six to ten buyers at once, as opposed to only one consumer for a static ad.  As a consequence, your income might go up and your client base could grow.

BAITRONICS offers the best-LED screen and LED dance floor that fulfills your purpose in any situation. Such high-resolution displays work best in any condition. All you need is to contact us to get the best of it.