led video wall-BAITRONICS RL

6240HZ Outdoor LED Video Wall

BAITRONICS RL outdoor LED video wall is the high-end product of BAITRONICS for led screen rental. The high refresh rate of 6240hz leads the industry, and it has IP65 waterproof level, which can be used indoors and outdoors, and is often used in exhibitions, large-scale music festivals, banquets and other places.

    • Super Light 7.5KG/pc
    • Backup power solution that never goes out
    • Wireless Design with Customized HUBCARD

Outdoor Front maintenance


IP65 waterproof

refresh rate-1

1920-6240hz high refresh rate

led video wall-BAITRONICS LL

3840HZ Indoor LED Screen

BAITRONICS LL indoor LED screen adopts private model design. Fully modular magnetic attraction, anti-collision design, ultra-light and ultra-thin are its unique features, suitable for various indoor stage performances, exhibitions, opera performances, etc.

    • Magnetic Solution, Fully Magnet on modules
    • Ultra Light 6.3KG, And thin Depth 63.5mm
    • More Stable on PIN connection by HUBCARD
refresh rate-1

3840hz high refresh rate

Anti-collision design

Anti-collision design

Module Front maintenance

led video wall-BAITRONICS XY Pro

Best LED Video Wall

BAITRONICS has developed the latest XY-PRO series, which meets the needs of customers for indoor and outdoor rental screens with conventional, inner curved, outer curved, and 90 degree designs.Only one screen can meet diverse installation needs. Different angles can be spliced freely, and LED CUBE design can also be realized.

    • Diversified Installation Methods
    • Wireless hub-card board design for more stability
    • Ultra thin, ultra light, and more aesthetically pleasing design
refresh rate-1

3840hz high refresh rate

excellent cooling

Excellent Cooling System

Before and After Maintenance

led video wall-BAITRONICS XJ

Cost-Effective Rental LED Video Wall

BAITRONICS LL indoor LED screen adopts private model design. Fully modular magnetic attraction, anti-collision design, ultra-light and ultra-thin are its unique features, suitable for various indoor stage performances, exhibitions, opera performances, etc.

    • Supports LED Cabinet sizes of 500mm * 500mm
      and 500mm * 1000mm, with flexible options.

    • Wireless design of Hub-card board for more stability
    • LED cabinet more solid and sturdy, simple and beautiful
refresh rate-1

3840hz high refresh rate

Standard Modular Design

Before and After Maintenance


A high refresh rate LED video wall that reproduces high-resolution images and video more smoothly than other devices such as traditional displays with hard-to-read content, low-brightness or highly reflective displays, LCD screens, and projection screens. In this way, it ensures unparalleled picture quality.

Professionals attending congresses or exhibits who want lightweight, portable led display that are simple to construct will find rental screens the ideal solution.

Compared to existing LED screen technologies, integrating rapid assembly and disassembling mechanisms ensures a more easy and affordable installation process.


One of the most crucial instruments in the live productions and event business that enables you to give your event a rich flavour and an additional layer of depth is an LED screen.

Our LED Screen walls, both indoor and outdoor, may be used for a variety of events and purposes. They are an excellent approach to interacting with and communicating with crowds at big and local events.

Adding a sizable LED screen lets your audiences fully engrossed in the event. Can significantly improve all product releases, performances, fairs, gigs and sporting events.

Outdoor Video Wall for Rental

Are you planning a family gathering or an outdoor movie showing?

An outside LED screen is ideal if you need to show video on a large screen outside throughout the day.

An LED lamp has 5000–8000 nits of luminance, making it incredibly vivid and apparent even in the blazing sun, compared to typical TVs’ 200–500 nits of brightness.

The premium offering from BAITRONICS is the outdoor LED screen from the RL. The IP65 waterproofing rating and industry-leading high refresh rate of 6240 Hz make it suitable for use both indoors and outside. It is frequently used at banquets, large-scale music festivals, and other events.

An innovative private model design screen with a primary focus on outdoor LED screen is the BAITRONICS RL The LED cabinet is typically 500mm x 500mm in size and weighs about 7.5kg. Such a cabinet is lightweight and won’t interfere with its use, and the power box can be swiftly and simply taken apart for maintenance.

6240Hz High Refresh Rate

The ultra-sharp footage you see in movie theatres and news feeds is produced on a 6240hz screen. So, be sure to get amazed by our state-of-the-art LED screen that gives you a 6240Hz high refresh rate.

Custom Automatic Lock

Interior and Exterior Custom automatic locks by Arc Design Additionally, our lock bar is a 12-inch customised lock with excellent load-bearing capacity, allowing us to hang more than 60 cabinets vertically for event display.

Extreme IP65 Waterproof

Because the external front maintenance cabinet’s design must prioritise extreme waterproofing, the BAITRONICS RL, the primary outdoor LED screen rental, is unquestionably a very excellent waterproof screen.

Excellent Cooling System

The RL screen is an aluminium die-cast cabinet that complies with the VO standard for flame retardancy and is heat, corrosion and wear-resistant. The RL is not only highly bright but also appropriate for outdoor exposure to direct sunshine.

Power Savings of 40%

The LED screen has to use more power when its brightness is at its highest. The economic foundation for renting LED screens is the high energy recovery rate. The BAITRONICS LED screen’s energy-saving technology has always been a huge plus.

Indoor LED Screen

Are you in charge of planning or taking part in a workshop, a trade fair, or even an interior party? An indoor LED wall is a terrific method to beat the market if you want to do so.

We exclusively employ state-of-the-art technologies. We have licensed and insured members of our team. There are also live-feed and live-stream options.

A premium product in LED display rental is the BAITRONICS LL indoor LED screen. Its special qualities make it ideal for different indoor stage performances, exhibits, opera performances, etc. It includes a fully modular magnetic design, an anti-collision design, and an ultra-light and ultra-thin construction.

The LL is our best alternative. The Die Casting Rental Cabinet is 500mm x 500mm; each LED cabinet weighs just 6.3Kg and has Depth up to 63.5mm, and BAITRONICS wishes to match Customers’ Requirements by saving more time on Installations. Our key characteristics will be ultra-thin and ultra-light. Simple to carry and travel.

Perfect Display Cabinet

Each LED module is fully magnetised. Data, power, and signal are combined in a control box separated by a led cabinet. To ensure that you can maintain LED Module and Control Box, design Hub card and wireless modularisation.

Design With A 90-Degree Angle And Curves

The BAITRONICS Special Curved Lock system allows for Cabinet angles of 0°, 2.5°, 5°, and 7.5°, allowing Stage Rental clients to create a variety of form designs with our BAITRONICS LED Screen.

LED Module Maintenance From The Front

With 4 Large and 4 Small Magnets, BAITRONICS LED Modules may be used as a front or rear service. Heat dissipation and ventilation are more effectively handled by the grid format Module Shell design.

Specialized Anti-Collision Technology

All the rental clients could resolve their most terrifying issues with the aid of BAITRONICS LL Special Anti-Collision Solution. The anti-collision PCB can withstand impacts of up to 10 kg, making it simple to repeatedly solder LEDs onto PCB panels.

Installation Type for Hanging and Stacking

Using a stacking installation type, you may hang up BAITRONICS LL cabinets to more than 15m (with 30 vertical cabinets) and 12m (with 24 vertical cabinets).

LED Video Wall for Events

There are several advantages to LED Screen. Previously, projectors and video walls were employed for this purpose. The attention of the event guests may now be drawn to larger, brighter screens thanks to LED technology.

Since LED displays are relatively new, rental costs are usually expensive. As a result, many rental organisations opt to capitalise on the strong demand and increase their investment in this kind of product.

  • TAILGATES- Showcase your favourite team stylishly on the concert outdoor LED screen while watching the big game.
  • CONCERT LED Screen- With the help of our concert LED displays, you can give every spectator a front-row seat.
  • MARATHONS/5K’S-Showcase sponsors, competitors, event details, camera feeds, and more
  • GOLF EVENTS-Display scoreboards, advertisers, and more at golf events.
  • FAIRS/FESTIVALS- Raise the bar at any fair or festival. In the realm of parks and recreation, we collaborate with several experts.
  • WORSHIP EVENTS-Use our led screen rental for worship events to share your message and create inspirational experiences
  • Trade show LED screen rental-Rent a trade fair LED screen to differentiate yourself from other exhibitors.
  • WATCH PARTIES– Drive-Ins, TV premieres, watch parties, and more
  • FUNDRAISERS-Encourage donations, show sponsor signs, and generate the most money possible through fundraisers.
  • PARADES-As part of the show, place roadside display signs or move the display along the street.
  • GRADUATION CEREMONIES- Make your graduation ceremony more impressive by showcasing camera feeds, student presentations, and other content with our indoor LED screen rental.
  • MARCHES/RALLIES-Get your point through clearly and loudly using outdoor screens at protests and marches.

Led Video Wall: Use And Applications

These screens have indeed been created so that professionals showcasing their goods and services at trade shows and congresses may do so visually appealingly and on a huge scale. Suppliers of audiovisual equipment planning concerts, lectures, or marketing events are also regular consumers of rental LED screens since they may lease them to other parties.

LED Video Wall Rental is the ideal way to stand out at any event since the screen size can be customized. As a result, it offers experts in the audiovisual industry an extremely flexible solution.

Thanks to its sophisticated electronics and modular construction method, you may adjust the size as necessary. You just need to put together the LED frames that match the required size. This enables the division of a large rental screen into multiple smaller ones.

Another key benefit is the comparable resolution, and image quality that rental LED panels give to the top LED displays that are available for permanent installation. Rental LED displays provide a great video content representation, even outside and in direct sunlight, thanks to their cutting-edge technology features.

Portable And Lightweight

In this industry, assembly and disassembly work on rental LED displays is ongoing. The procedures must thus be workable and practically effortless to execute.

Lightweight tools are therefore essential to do these jobs quickly, affordably, and safely.

Quick Assembly Methods

Rentable displays must be quick, simple, and easy to set up and uninstall.

The screen’s mechanics must be dependable and do not malfunction after repeated assembly sessions, frequently occurring with inexpensive rental displays and reducing the screen’s ability to visualise.

We use quick-fix solutions that are made to resist countless times of continuous assembly and dismantling without suffering substantial wear and tear.

Transportation Is Simple

You may buy a flight bag with various capacities to make moving the rental displays easier. Your rental LED screen will be safeguarded by these flight cases or expert transport boxes while being moved and stored.

High-density foams are used inside the flight case to customise it to the bought frame. The containers also feature sections for wiring and different accessories. Because of their enhanced safety features, they may even have wheels and be stacked.

What Is Better: Buy Or Rent A Led Screen?

The renting of LED screens is a rising industry. More and more concerts and events of all types require high-quality audiovisual equipment, such as rental LED displays.

A leased LED screen for a particular purpose is typically fairly expensive. A quality LED screen for rent can cost up to thousands of dollars, depending on the size and length of the rental.

However, because it is not always simple to collect quotes or strike a direct deal with distributors, most industry experts do not know what it costs to purchase an LED screen.

Although renting out screens is a lucrative industry, not everyone knows that investing in rental equipment is wise. You may immediately start making money after investing in four or five events, based on the sizes and rent durations.

A quicker and less expensive installation method than other LED displays is produced by incorporating rapid assembly and dismantling mechanisms.


What is LED Screen rental?

Large indoor and outdoor screens are rented for events under the terms “LED screen rental” (also known as “LED video wall rental,” and “LED display rental”). While your television is also an LED screen, “LED screen rental” refers to the hiring of big jumbotrons for public viewing at events.

LED video wall rental: How are they assembled?

You don’t need any prior technical experience to install a rental LED screen that we have manufactured. You may complete it on your own, thanks to the self-assembly design.

The assembling-disassembling of our systems is covered in depth in our manuals. The only thing left to do, as you’ll see, is to swiftly and easily connect wires once a frame or some tiles have been fixed.

To connect the screen to the video processor, choose which video inputs you wish to turn on from the LCD menu. These selections will then be shown on the LED screen.

Pixel Pitch: What Is It?

The resolution of an LED screen is set by the number of its pixels (LED clusters). The distance, measured in millimetres, between the centres of one pixel and the next one nearest to it, is known as the “pixel pitch” or “dot pitch.” A narrower pixel pitch indicates less white space among pixels since it describes the distance of two pixels.

What Does My Rental Led Screen Include?

Delivery, setup, use, and dismantling of the display and any related equipment are all included in our LED screen rental packages. Additionally, we have a skilled technician who assists you throughout your event to monitor the display, address any problems that may arise, and make any modifications you may want. We will offer you an estimate with a breakdown if it is a custom-sized led wall.

Aspect Ratio: What Is It?

The length and width of a screen or a picture are its aspect ratio. The first number indicates the width and height of an image in an aspect ratio, which is two digits distinguished by colons. A ratio of 1.33:1, for instance, indicates that the picture’s width is 1.33 times larger than its height.