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3840HZ Indoor LED Screen

BAITRONICS LL-indoor led screen

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BAITRONICS LL indoor LED screen adopts private model design. Fully modular magnetic attraction, anti-collision design, ultra-light and ultra-thin are its unique features, suitable for various indoor stage performances, exhibitions, opera performances, etc.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS LL-indoor led screen

Cabinet Perfect Display

Thanks to the unique design of the LL series of indoor LED screens, data, power, and signals are all integrated in one control box, which is separated from the cabinet. Wireless and modular to ensure independent maintainability of LED modules and control boxes. Grid-shaped module shell design, more efficient heat dissipation and ventilation.

BAITRONICS LL-indoor led screen

Curved And 90 Degree Angel Design

In order to meet stage rental, hoisting or stacking, the LED cabinet can also be designed as an ARC cabinet, and the cabinet angle can be selected from ±0°, ±2.5°, ±5° to ±7.5 to make an external curved screen, 90° combined screen and etc. When performing in some large squares, this kind of screen is most suitable for LED screen rental, which can meet various shapes.

BAITRONICS LL-indoor led screen

Special Technology On Anti-Collision

BAITRONICS’ special anti-collision: LL series PCB boards can withstand more than 10kg of impact, each LED foot is reinforced with special solder, and LEDs can be re-soldered on the PCB panel unlimited times. In addition, protective devices are designed around the LED screen to better protect the four sides of the cabinet.

BAITRONICS LL-indoor led screen

Performance Display

In order to give the stage audience an excellent performance display, we set more 850cd-1100cd/sqm on pure white 9000 brightness, and the LED video wall provides 11500k warm color and 16-bit grayscale, 5000:1 shrink ratio and 3840hz high refresh, 4K and 3D viewing angles are also supported.


Yes, it can be manufactured to 500mm*500mm or 500mm*1000mm if customers have demand. And the two can also be mixed together.

The indoor rental screen is connected by a flat cable. From the receiving card to the module, a long flat wire is used to connect, while Hubcard Design directly introduces the signal to each LED panel through the hub card, and connects through 24P pins, which is more convenient for maintenance.

Both its box and module support front and back installation and maintenance, and the module can be easily sucked out with a special magnetic front maintenance tool.

1: It provides better 1/24 scan, others are 1/32 scan, in other words, we use more IC drivers to provide higher gray level, refresh rate and color brightness!
2: Our P2.604mm indoor screen is protected by a special mask on the module, with higher strength.

It can fit 8 pieces in 1 flight case, with a total weight of about 85 kg.

Of course, and free printing for customers.