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6240HZ Outdoor LED Video Wall

BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

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BAITRONICS RL outdoor LED video wall is the high-end product of BAITRONICS for led screen rental. The high refresh rate of 6240hz leads the industry, and it has IP65 waterproof level, which can be used indoors and outdoors, and is often used in exhibitions, large-scale music festivals, banquets and other places.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

Customized Inner And Outer Arc Automatic Lock

Each cabinet of the BAITRONICS RL series has four custom-made 12-inch locks, which have excellent load-bearing capacity and can ensure the seamless connection of each LED display screen, and can hang more than 60 cabinets at most. In addition, an arc lock is designed, and the positive and negative can be adjusted by 15 degrees. Such curved LED cabinets can be spliced and combined arbitrarily, and can also be used on some angled walls or floors.

BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

Small Details Of The Collision Buffer

When the display is lifted vertically, there will be inevitable bumps. To protect the display, we made special solder on each LAMP on the PCB to slow down the collision of the LED cabinet during installation and transportation. You can also see 4 Corner protection Cover around the cabinet, specially Used to protect corners.

BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

Excellent Cooling System

BAITRONICS RL series is a die-cast aluminum cabinet made of VO standard flame-retardant materials, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. When the LED display is running, the internal temperature of the product is only 31.8°C, with low energy consumption and less natural heat generation.

BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

BAITRONICS Screen That Never Goes Out

BAITRONICS RL series is an outdoor LED video wall with dual power backup. During our performance, if there is a problem with the main power of the LED cabinet, the control system will directly intervene to provide a backup power system immediately.


Of course, it is a high-performance outdoor video wall that is also suitable for indoor use.

The maximum brightness brightness can reach 7000CD/square meter, and there are also P3.9-EMC types to choose from.

Use special magnetic tools for front maintenance, of course, it also supports rear maintenance and installation, which can maintain both the cabinet and each module individually.

We use special E-Energy power supply with PFC function and backup function. There are also special aviation plugs, and the power connector plugs have the function of returning electricity or borrowing electricity. If the power supply of a LED cabinet fails and does not light up, the faulty LED cabinet will draw power from the left and right LED cabinets through our special connector, and power on immediately after 0.3 seconds.

We designed the space of the Flight case according to each display screen, and 8 displays fill a flight case, and the total weight is about 100 kg.

No, in order to be more suitable for stage rental, we only produce 500*500mm LED cabinets that are more convenient for splicing.

This product is specially designed with an arc lock, which supports 15 degrees of positive and negative. 24 LED cabinets can make a 360-degree circle.