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BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

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The BAITRONICS XJ Series is a versatile LED display solution designed specifically for stage customers. It offers various stage background designs and is compatible with LED cabinets of both 500mm * 500mm and 500mm * 1000mm sizes, allowing for flexible combinations and stage setups. Additionally, it supports LED screen designs with inner and outer arcs, providing customers with diverse options for their stage displays. The XJ Series is one of the most cost-effective products in the BAITRONICS LED Display family.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

Support Before And After Maintenance

Customers can choose between front and rear maintenance options for LED modules based on their LED screen usage habits and installation methods. Typically, rear maintenance LED modules are secured with stainless steel screws, which require more time to disassemble. Currently, front maintenance utilizes nickel-plated, anti-rust magnets, offering convenient disassembly and replacement capabilities.

BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

Flexible LED Cabinet Design

BAITRONICS XJ series provides customers with two types of LED cabinet options: 500*500 and 500*1000. Carefully designed to ensure seamless integration, these cabinets can be easily combined and configured to meet specific display requirements. The BAITRONICS XJ series gives the user the freedom to implement the desired LED display setup with the utmost precision and convenience.

BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

Standard Modular Design

BAITRONICS presents an innovative HUB-CARD solution, allowing for wireless connectivity. By integrating power and signal into a separate control box, which can be detached from the LED Cabinet, customers benefit from hassle-free maintenance and installation. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience that this design offers.

BAITRONICS RL-outdoor led video wall

Diversified Installation Methods

The BAITRONICS XJ series of products provides comprehensive support for both inner and outer curved designs. Based on customer requirements, the XJ series offers a wide range of options, including 0 degrees, -/+2.5 degrees, -/+5 degrees, -/+7.5 degrees, -/+10 degrees, -/+12.5 degrees, and -/+15 degrees. Additionally, the flexibility of the system allows for the assembly of 24 LED cabinets into a seamless 360-degree circular LED screen.


Yes, the XJ Series offers the flexibility to combine and use both 500mm * 500mm and 500mm * 1000mm LED cabinets according to your needs.

Yes, the XJ Series supports both front and rear maintenance options, allowing for convenient access and maintenance of the LED modules.

The wireless design of the Hub-card board ensures a more stable connection, enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the XJ Series.

Yes, the LED cabinets in the XJ Series are designed to be solid, sturdy, and visually appealing, providing a reliable and durable stage display solution.

The XJ Series incorporates PWM+DES function, which enables a high refresh rate and grayscale performance. It also helps to minimize heat generation, protecting the electronic components and conserving power.

Yes, the XJ Series provides flexibility in combining and building stages. It supports different LED cabinet sizes, allowing customers to freely create their desired stage designs by adjusting the layout and arrangement of the LED cabinets.