BAITRONICS Enhances Product Support in Indonesia with XJ Series LED Displays

BAITRONICS extends its gratitude to Mr. Arman from Indonesia for visiting their factory to explore and acquire LED display screens. As a professional in the media, broadcasting, and audiovisual equipment industry since 2007, Mr. Arman has gained considerable recognition in the media, film, and event sectors in Indonesia. He has been an authorized distributor for international brands such as SONY, EPSON, CANON, JBL, among others. In 2019, Mr. Arman ventured into the LED display market, specifically targeting the rental stage domain, and achieved remarkable success in the Indonesian market.

In order to provide enhanced technical services and product support to their valued customers, BAITRONICS extended an invitation to Mr. Arman to visit their factory and engage in a learning experience. The primary focus of this visit was to explore BAITRONICS’ XJ Series, specifically the P3.91mm and P2.604mm models. Furthermore, Mr. Arman purchased samples of the XJ Series products, which were successfully promoted in the Indonesian market for several months and received excellent feedback. During this visit, the client also confirmed the procurement of 85 square meters of the XJ Series P3.91 outdoor rental LED display screens.



BAITRONICS’ XJ Series is a versatile indoor and outdoor LED display screen with front and rear maintenance capabilities. It offers a unique stage background design for customers and is compatible with both 500mm x 500mm and 500mm x 1000mm LED cabinet structures. Customers have the freedom to combine and build stages according to their preferences. Additionally, the XJ Series supports concave and convex LED screen designs, adding to its versatility. It is considered one of the most cost-effective products in the BAITRONICS family of displays.


BAITRONICS engineers communicate product solutions with customers

“We are honored to have Mr. Arman visit our factory and witness firsthand our advanced LED display solutions,” said Michael, General Manager at BAITRONICS. “His trust and confidence in our products further motivate us to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of our valued clients in Indonesia and beyond.”

BAITRONICS remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, quality, and service excellence in the LED display industry. With their diverse range of products, they aim to empower businesses and organizations with immersive visual experiences. BAITRONICS is a leading supplier of advanced LED display solutions, committed to providing innovative products and excellent services to customers around the world. With a focus on quality, versatility and customer satisfaction, BAITRONICS offers a full range of indoor and outdoor LED displays for a variety of applications. Our commitment to technological advancement and customer success sets them apart in the industry. For more information, please visit