BAITRONICS Expands Presence in Peru with Advanced LED Display Solutions

BAITRONICS, a leading provider of innovative LED display solutions, continues its commitment to global expansion by strengthening its presence in Peru. With its breathtaking natural beauty and thriving tourism industry, Peru has become a preferred destination for travelers from South America, North America, and around the world.

Peru is renowned for its vibrant culture, marked by the exuberance and passion of its people, and a deep-rooted tradition of dance, music, and festivities. Recognizing the local population’s affinity for entertainment and self-expression, BAITRONICS aims to cater to the evolving demands of the Peruvian market.

The journey began in 2012 when Mr. Luis, representing a local business, first visited China and procured traditional outdoor LED displays from BAITRONICS. At that time, LED technology was still developing, and the purchased displays were primarily used for stage rentals. Over the years, BAITRONICS has undergone substantial growth and technological advancements, leading to the development of its unique range of indoor and outdoor LED rental screens. With their ultra-thin and lightweight design, these displays offer customers an unparalleled experience.

During the recent visit to BAITRONICS, Mr. Luis was introduced to a new range of products, including the “UT Series” and “DF Series” outdoor advertising screens from the BAITRONICS LED Home Series, as well as the high-end rental LED screens from the “RL Series” and “XJ Series.” The product designs, manufacturing processes, and quality control measures impressed Mr. Luis, and he expressed utmost satisfaction with BAITRONICS’ commitment to delivering exceptional products.



As a result, Mr. Luis decided to purchase a total of 200 square meters of the RL Series and XJ Series LED screens. This significant acquisition highlights BAITRONICS’ dedication to providing top-notch quality and service, as well as its continuous pursuit of innovation and advancement.

“We are excited to further establish our presence in Peru and contribute to the country’s vibrant entertainment industry,” said Michael, General Manager of BAITRONICS. “The purchase of our state-of-the-art LED displays by Mr. Luis and his company reflects their trust in our brand and the confidence they have in our ability to deliver exceptional products and solutions.”

BAITRONICS remains committed to its core values of quality, service, innovation, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. With a firm belief that LED displays are born for the beauty of the world, BAITRONICS continues to empower businesses and organizations globally with its cutting-edge solutions.


BAITRONICS is a leading provider of innovative LED display solutions, empowering businesses and organizations worldwide. With a commitment to quality, service, and innovation, BAITRONICS offers a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor LED screens for various applications, including advertising, entertainment, and rental purposes. Through its advanced technology and exceptional product design, BAITRONICS aims to enhance visual experiences and create unforgettable moments in the digital age. For more information, visit