Celebrating Carnival: BAITRONICS Shines with XY PRO Series LED Screens in Brazil



At the end of July, Mr. Darlan and Mr. Claudio, professional audiovisual exhibition planners from Brazil, flew across half the world to visit the BAITRONICS factory. They praised the company’s scientific management and the orderly model of the factory. Mr. Darlan and Claudio came this time. The company’s purpose is to develop rental screens and advertising screens. We have communicated with XY PRO series and XJ series rental screens, and have developed a strong interest in the XY pro series cabinets. After a series of communication and exchanges, the 150 square meter XY pro series P3.91mm and 50 square meter P5mm led advertising project was determined.

BAITRONICS XY pro series is the company’s newly launched rental screen and floor tile screen that integrates, and can display various shapes, arcs, 45-degree bevels, and conventional boxes on one cabinet at the same time. Only then you cannot think, we could not have achieved.

“This is the LED display project we have always wanted,” said Mr. Darlan. “The XY PRO series cabinets perfectly realized all my ideas, and the technology is very mature. This is comparable to previous displays that were limited and could not be realized in many shapes.” It’s too perfect”

Baitronics is honored to maintain close cooperative relationships with Brazilian customers and continues to provide high-quality LED screens for various types of professional audiovisual exhibitions and music events, providing audiences with immersive visual experiences.

The Brazilian customer’s trip to China ended successfully in early August, and he returned to Brazil to implement the XY pro series P3.91mm project as soon as possible. In mid-October, the pre-production and shipment of the project were completed, and he needed to participate in the large-scale local carnival in Brazil in early December. This event is a grand carnival in Brazil, composed mainly of artists, musicians, cultural workers, intellectuals and entrepreneurs to protect and continue this unique music rhythm. Baitronics XY pro series supports carnival activities and brings perfect visual effects to the audience.