Project Description

Experience the ultimate audiovisual spectacle at the Chile ASCARILLA Concert, held in Santiago City!

BAITRONICS provided the led display equipment for the show and the rental of the entire LED screen was professionally handled.The LED screen setup is composed of three distinct parts, including a 4-sided hanging LED screen, a main LED screen, and dance floor LED screens. These high-quality LED screens are sure to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for all concert-goers.

Product detial

Country:Chile, Santiago

Project: Chile ASCARILLA Concert


Hanging Screen: P3.91mm 6m x 4m=96㎡
Stage Main LED Screen: P3.91mm 8m x 4m=32㎡
Dance Floor LED Screen:P4.8mm 8m x 4m=32㎡


BAITRONICS RL -P3.91mm LED Video Wall

BAITRONICS DL Pro-P4.8mm LED Dance Floor