Collaborative Success: Indian Clients Tour Baitronics Factory



On February 26, the customer arrived in Shenzhen to participate in the Shenzhen 2024 exhibition. We contacted the customer and told him that we wanted to meet with him. The customer has his own company in India and purchased P2.5 small-pitch module from us for outdoor advertising before that. After that, the P4 pre-maintenance module was placed, which was about to be delivered. The customer said that he would come to China to inspect the goods, and we were very happy about it. We led a tour of our workshop environment, a series of production processes, and strict control of quality.

For Mr. machanwad, we introduced our P6.6 SWS fixed installation series, outdoor small pitch magnetic pre-maintenance design, free splicing, more flexible installation, SWS series is used in: conference room machine, advertising machine, window screen, etc., suitable for retail malls, hotels, exhibitions.

As well as the UT Series P10, customers were very interested and carefully stood in the box to watch, BAITRONICS UT is the latest outdoor LED display from DOOH. A single LED module weighs 2kg, has a size of 480mm*320mm, and a large viewing Angle of 140 degrees. The custom-designed LED module, patented by BAITRONICS, naturally emits maximum light at both horizontal and vertical angles and maintains a 140 degree viewing Angle across the entire outdoor LED display.

We are deeply honored to visit the customer, which is not only the customer’s affirmation of us, but also the foundation for future cooperation, we also look forward to the future cooperation we will further deepen, we also hope that we can provide customers with excellent quality, more humane service, perfect solution.