India 13rd YearsCooperation and Trust for BAITRONICS Company

BAITRONICS, a leading provider of innovative LED display solutions, was delighted to welcome its esteemed Indian partner, “E-SYSTEM,” to its headquarters in ShenZheng, on July 15, 2023. The purpose of the visit was to explore BAITRONICS’ latest product offerings, including the SDOOH Series, TI Series, and TO Series LED displays.

In the past decade, LED displays have skyrocketed in India, from the simplest single and dual color LED screens to various indoor and outdoor full color LED screens. From simple intersection signs and transportation centers to the outdoor and indoor conference rooms, cinemas, squares, airports, and other high-rise buildings, LED display screens of all sizes have been installed.

Another brand of BAITRONICS, PORSTAR Technology, entered the Indian market in 2011. After establishing an initial partnership with RAMANIK, the founder of E-SYSTEM in India, they officially entered the Indian market and had a 13 year partnership. Of course, they also witnessed the vigorous development of E-SYSTEM enterprises, from a small enterprise to a very famous enterprise in India today, “Xtreme Media”. Their unique products and company positioning, We have consistently focused on the high-end market in India and achieved a very good reputation there.

BAITRONICS Speaks to Extreme Enterprises

BAITRONICS Speaks to Extreme Enterprises

During its 13 year partnership, BAITRONICS has provided thousands of indoor and outdoor LED display cases to the Indian market. There are the earliest traditional outdoor P20mm and P16mm LED displays used for media advertising, as well as high-definition small pitch LED displays, as well as transparent LED displays for outdoor TO series and indoor TI series. In 2022, BAITRONICS installed the largest outdoor transparent TO screen in Mumbai, India. This project uses the TO series P3.9-7.81mm transparent screens, with an area of over 200 square meters, providing an effective transmittance of over 70% and an ultra-high brightness of 5500CD. In addition, the TO series provides a waterproof grade of IP65.

The procurement manager of EXTREME Enterprise “HINESH Visit BAITRONICS and give him a comprehensive introduction to the company’s products, processes, quality, and company positioning upgrades after the COVID-19 pandemic in 3 years. Systematically understand the development and changes of BAITRONICS over the years. From a product perspective, the UT series, DF series, and SDOOH series in BAITRONICS’ newly launched outdoor advertising LED display screens, with ultra-thin, ultra-light, and ultra-convenient designs, gave customers different experiences. In addition, we also visited the entire production process of LED transparent screens, with the maturity and development of the Indian transparent screen market, the demand for LED transparent screens is gradually increasing.

Thank you very much for the trust and support of our Indian partner. We have walked through the ups and downs of the past 13 years together. We hope that in the future, BAITRONICS can provide you with more support and assistance. Service first, never neglect.