Principle and feature of interactive led floor

The interactive led floor is a novel digital display device, which is specially designed for the use environment of the indoor exhibition hall stage party. The flexible modular design is widely used in hotels, bars, weddings, concerts, shopping malls, scenic spots, entertainment venues, theme parks, exhibitions, etc.

The interactive led floor system adopts microcomputer full digital processing, advanced circuit protection equipment, and adopts video synchronization control mode to realize high-resolution soft color display. The effect is a perfect combination of stage virtual beautification and performance interaction. The led floor of BAITRONICS uses high-strength masks and strong die-casting aluminum alloy supports.

BAITRONICS-interactive led floor

Features of interactive led floor:

  • Fast and flexible installation: just lay a special guide rail on the flat floor, and it can be installed directly.
  • High load-bearing performance: aluminum alloy structure, super load-bearing capacity of 1.5 tons per square meter.
  • Convenient maintenance: All BAITRONICS LED floors support front maintenance of the cabinet, and the LED cabinet can be sucked out with a special magnetic suction tool.
  • High-strength protection: a layer of mask is designed on the outside of the box to protect the SMD from external damage.
  • High performance: 1920-3840hz and IP54-68 waterproof are available, clearer and more waterproof screen.
BAITRONICS-interactive led floor

BAITRONICS-interactive led floor

The principle of interactive led floor

  • Multimedia interactive system, including image motion capture equipment, data transceiver, data processor and interactive led floor.
  • The image motion capture device captures the image and motion data of the participant.
  • The role of the data transceiver is to realize data transmission between motion captures.
  • The data processor is the core part of the real-time interaction between the participants and various effects. The collected image and motion data is analyzed and processed, and the data is combined and processed inherently in the processor.

The Led floor performs motion capture signals through the interactive system, and performs picture feedback according to the activity requirements. The capture device is a led interactive floor with built-in sensors, or a radar system, and the data transceiver system transmits the signal acquired by each led floor module sensor to the data processor. The data processor then analyzes and processes the sent signals, and systematically connects the generated scenes. The screen display part of the Led floor, after data docking of the virtual data and the scene, the virtual interactive scene can be realized.

BAITRONICS-interactive led floor

Interactive led floor-BAITRONICS DL

BAITRONICS-interactive led floor

Waterproof interactive led floor-BAITRONICS DL Pro