BAITRONICS establishes a foundation of trust for each customer based on first-class service. You can trust that BAITRONICS specializes in manufacturing LED screens and only makes high-end products.

Warranty Scope

The warranty period is subject to the specific sales contract. If the contract does not specify the warranty period, the official warranty is based on the 5-year warranty. Please keep the warranty card or other valid warranty certificates properly.

Online remote free technical service

Provide remote technical guidance through instant messaging tools such as telephone and email to help solve simple and common technical problems. This service is applicable to technical problems, including but not limited to connection problems of signal lines and power lines, system software problems of software usage and parameter setting, replacement problems of modules, power supplies, system cards, etc.

Depot repair service

1. For product problems that cannot be solved by online remote service, BAITRONICS will confirm with the customer whether to provide return-to-factory repair service.
2. If returning to the factory for repair service is required, the customer shall bear the shipping fee, insurance fee, customs duty and customs clearance fee for transporting the returned product or component back to the Unilumin service station. BAITRONICS will send the repaired product or parts back to the customer, and only bear the one-way freight.
3. BAITRONICS rejects all unauthorized cash on delivery returns and is not responsible for any duties and customs clearance charges. BAITRONICS is not responsible for any defect, damage or loss of the repaired product or parts due to improper transportation or packaging.

On-site service by engineers

1. If there is a quality problem that cannot be solved online or returned to the factory, BAITRONICS can provide on-site engineer service, during which time travel expenses and technical service fees shall be paid as standard by BAITRONICS engineers.
2. The customer needs to provide a fault report to BAITRONICS to apply for on-site service, and then BAITRONICS will analyze the content of the fault report, arrange engineers to come to repair after making a plan.
3. Defective parts replaced by on-site engineers will be brought back to the manufacturer by BAITRONICS engineers for repair, and will be owned by BAITRONICS manufacturers.