What is SMD packaging technology? How is it different from COB?

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What does SMD packaging technology stand for?

The very term SMD pertains to “surface mounted device.” It is permanently fused to a circuit board that is printed which makes it highly popular.  Even though COB provides efficient working but the efficiency level of the SMD is even greater. This is because it tends to produce more lumens than COB per watt. In other words, it means that you will be able to witness a better resolution of the content that is displayed on the screen.

What is SMD packaging technology?

A broader light beam is produced by the SMD which means that the light will not require as much of the heat sink as the COB. Consequently, it means that the SMD will cost less than COB. They also tend to have frosted reflectors in them that help to enable the even spreading of the light and give better resolution.

They tend to come in a wide variety of sizes. Like the SMD 5050, which is almost 5mm wide the SMD chip has the ability to accommodate convoluted designs. On the other hand, the SMD 3528 is 3.5mm wide. These chips are small in size which makes them almost close to the flat design of a square computer chip.

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What is COB packaging technology?

The very famous term COB means “chips on board.” Manufacturing chip-on-board (COB) LED modules involves connecting and gluing integrated circuits directly to a printed circuit board, with the LED lights at the front and the driving ICs at the back. Then, an LED display is built out of these chip-on-board (COB) LED modules.

The chip-on-board (COB) form factor unifies the technologies used to create LED chips, encapsulates, and displays. This widespread adoption of COB LED displays was made possible by the seamless coordination between the various points in the supply chain.

What is the difference between SMD and COB?

There are various things that differentiate between the two terms. The first one can be:

  • The COB chips tend to have more diodes on the surface than the SMD chips. In simpler words, COB has more diodes than SMD which makes it quite expensive.
  • The SMD chips can also have more than just two contacts. On a single chip, there can be up to 3 diodes and each diode will have an individual circuit. Each chip will have 2,4 or 6 contacts in the chip and also have one cathode and one anode. This is the reason why SMD chips are more versatile than COB. It also has red, green, and blue diodes which can help in creating any color by just simply adjusting the level of outputs.

Here are some other reasons:

The difference in luminous effect

  • SMD: there is a glare and the light-emitting surface of the SMD chip is scattered.
  • COB: it has no glare and the viewing angle of the COB chip is large and also easy to adjust.

The COB chips have round and uniform spots, which means that they do not have any black spots, shadows, or astigmatism. In the middle of the spot, there are bright spots in SMD chips. It can be referred to as one of the differences between COB and SMD.

Method of packaging

  • SMD: SMD packaging uses surface mount technology to attach multiple LED to a PCB board, fulfilling the need for a source component in many LED applications. The structure looks like a web of lights strung together.
  • COB: The chip-on-board has a very effective packaging and integrated lighting system technique. The fabrication of high-power LED chips requires the use of low-power chips to generate a homogenous microscopic light-emitting surface, and the combination of N chips on the inner substrate for packing.

The difference in heat dissipation effect

To generate a concentrated and large amount of heat, the light source of COB is arranged densely. The heat is absorbed by the packaging material. But it also has a low resistance to the thermal heat dissipation method and the heat dissipation is guaranteed. The packing of SMDs limits their luminosity, and the several steps required to dissipate heat increase thermal resistance.

However, during the production of high-power lights, SMD chips are often inserted and spread, resulting in a massive heat dissipation surface and facilitating easy heat conduction. Further, the total temperature is appropriate for extended use. Therefore, the general SMD solution is preferable to the COB method with regard to chip temperature.

Different areas of applications

COB LED screens are generally used in many places such as:

  • Control rooms.
  • Shopping malls.
  • TV center.
  • Exhibition centers.
  • In guild halls etc.

Whereas the SMD can also be used indoors anywhere, they have different energy powers that can even exceed to 2000Watts.

Different indexes of colors

The color rendering index (CRI) of most SMD-led chips is between 70 and 80. The SMD2835 offers options with a CRI of 90. The CRI of the COB chips is typically above 97. There is a remarkable faithfulness to the original colors. Because of this, COB LEDs are commonly utilized to meet the higher index requirements for interior business lighting.

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What does SMD mean in text?

Surface mount device: it is an electric component that tends to mount on the printed circuit surface board. In the text, SMD refers to “surface mounted device” which is a very common name used for it in many technical industries.

Benefits of using SMD

There are several benefits that one can gain by using SMD chips for business purposes.

Smaller and slim

The SMD chips are smaller in size by 60-80%. The weight of these chips is also much less than the others.


Due to the SMD ability’s to be positioned and soldered on the outermost layer of the board, it is now possible to have flexible and rigid-flex boards of printed circuits.

Reduced cost price

By design, SMT PCBs are smaller and don’t require plating through holes, so they’re easier to work with. As a bonus, many Surface-Mounted-Device (SMD) Components are less expensive than their Thru-Hole Electronic Component counterparts. Because of this, the price of making SMT PCBs is reduced. Due to their small size, Surface Mount Assemblies use less space during packaging, transport, and handling, which results in cost savings.

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Simplified Automated Production

Inserting leads into plated through-holes on electrical components is a manual process. We need to cut and form these wires. That is not the case with surface-mount device (SMD) components. An Automatic SMT Pick and Position Machine may be used to mechanically place them on the board. As a result, production and processing prices are reduced.

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High frequency and signal transmission

It tends to offer more resistance to the vibration and so there is less noise. They are also capable of the high transmission signal.

Because of all these qualities, the use is SMD surely is beneficial for one’s business. They can use it for various reasons in their working place whether they need to display ads or use it in the meeting rooms. It will always give the best results with less investment.

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Is investing in SMD LED chips worth it?

From a business point of view, it is totally worth it if you are thinking about investing in SMD LED chips. It tends to provide numerous benefits and one who has just started their business might be a little tight on their budget due to which having something effective yet with less cost becomes a need. That is why investing in SMD is totally recommended since it works well for professionals and also tends to give the best results wherever it is being used.

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