The Unlimited Potential and Value of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Under the influence of the macro economy, an important reason why outdoor advertising can maintain continuous growth is the development of DOOH technology. Thanks to the blessing of digital technology, outdoor media integrated into the consumer’s life circle has great advantages in many aspects such as enhancing brand image, interactivity, and precise delivery. The mature supply of outdoor LED screens and the advancement and development of DOOH technology have also attracted more advertisers to understand the advantages of digital outdoor advertising.

DOOH makes advertising more accurate

Compared with traditional outdoor media, digital outdoor advertising is more favored by advertisers, and it can also improve advertising efficiency and reduce advertising costs. Digital advertising addresses the pain points of traditional outdoor advertising, such as difficulty in pre-investment selection, difficult post-investment quantification, and high monitoring costs, and uses data and technology to complete the intelligent placement of offline advertisements. At the same time, it can provide advertisers with more refined and precise marketing based on crowd portraits, improving the efficiency of advertising delivery; it can also realize “one-click” intelligent publishing, and provide advertisers with fully transparent monitoring effect tracking. Advertisers can achieve accurate and effective advertising based on the psychological hobbies, architectural labels, and crowd portraits of different users.

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BAITRONICS sdooh-户外led显示屏

BAITRONICS SMART DOOH-Born for the the world

Content is not just for advertising

Traditional advertising content is a piece of information that the ad maker wants you to see now, which usually means that it hopes to drive user consumption behavior in the near future. This approach puts the needs of the audience second. However, if 95% of the advertising content is pure advertising, and only 5% reflect narrative, entertainment or brand value, then 95% of passers-by who are willing to pay attention to this specific content will ignore the advertising content and only see the advertisement.

The functions and possibilities of outdoor advertising used to be very narrow, but not anymore. Even outdoor art displays serve a function – they help set the scene, set the mood or expectations for brand interactions, and communicate brand values that resonate with the audience. Create valuable branded content related to their products, rather than directly advertising the products. This approach allows people to form a stronger connection with the brand, and through this content can open a deeper dialogue with the audience, which is not possible by simply serving ads to users all the time.

Outdoor large screens can also be of great help to a city, if we can go beyond a single large-screen “advertisement” and adopt a more “symbiotic” approach. That doesn’t mean brands shouldn’t expect real returns from the OOH investment they put in. But when the goal is based on entertaining the masses, beautifying the aesthetic, creating public awareness, telling a story – putting the audience first, so that both the brand and the city can benefit.



Ability to create differentiated scenarios

One of the characteristics of outdoor media is highly scene-based and diffuse. In the past, traditional outdoor media often displayed different customer brand images in fixed media forms. They seldom conduct in-depth research and expansion of their own media based on localized publicity, but use the space advantage of outdoor media to copy the brand image. The expressions of TV media advertisements and print media advertisements cannot highlight the true value of outdoor media. Adapting measures to local conditions is the only way for outdoor media to “get out of the circle”. Advertisers want their ads to be different and compelling, and consumers are looking for new ideas. Only by combining the scene attributes of different outdoor media and making more creative ideas that impress consumers can we get more natural traffic. The combination of advertising creativity and outdoor media can make consumers mesmerized, and can achieve the effect of winning by surprise and getting twice the result with half the effort. Today’s outdoor media forms are more and more abundant. Brands can use the power of creativity to customize according to the corresponding outdoor media audience and scene characteristics. The core competitiveness that DOOH product progress can bring to outdoor media.

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Localized Entry Capabilities

From the first scene of stepping out of the house to enter the community life, to the second scene of commuting or business travel, or the third scene of consumption in large and medium-sized business circles that satisfy entertainment and leisure, digital outdoor advertising has been integrated into our various In the life scene, it is rooted in the local life circle.

As an offline media, smart DOOH can make up for the lack of a part of the audience that is not pushed by big data in Internet advertisements in a fixed, continuous and stable way. In today’s increasingly digitized world, outdoor media can still be the first choice for the entrance of brand localization, breaking the information cocoon and reaching consumers with real exposure.

Intelligent Outdoor LED Display Ability to meet diverse needs

Due to its exquisite and atmospheric image, outdoor LED advertising has become the main position for brand promotion of large groups, mid-to-high-end, luxury brands and other advertisers.

Nowadays, more and more SMEs and brands pay more and more attention to brand image promotion and media endorsement. The help of outdoor media to enhance the brand image is obvious to all. The rich media positions of outdoor media bring a variety of audience portraits, which can adapt to different conditions and different combinations of brand placements with different needs.

The high-impact special area media can not only create an immersive brand experience, but also help to enhance the value of the brand image. At the same time, due to the high-quality performance of the media itself, it has also become a part of the city’s landmark media, and is often favored by advertisers who pay more attention to brand image improvement.

For advertisers who are just starting out, perhaps a delivery form with wider coverage and higher cost performance is more exciting. The BAITRONICS DOOH collection meets all your outdoor needs. The top outdoor LED display manufacturing technology can carry all the outdoor advertising needs of enterprises.

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