Ttraditional billboard VS LED billboard

As the preferred carrier of modern outdoor advertising, LED billboards are deeply rooted in the hearts of users with their multiple advantages such as color, picture quality, and ability to change any picture. According to big data statistics, LED billboards account for more than 80% of all outdoor advertising tools so far.

The development history of LED billboard

Why has led billboards developed until now? In fact, because the early LED billboards are expensive, many advertising companies use static inkjet and traditional billboards to display, adding lamps on the top to make them have advertising characteristics. With the gradual civilianization of LED billboard prices, many owners of advertising have found suitable LED billboards to build their own or replaced from traditional billboards to LED billboards , which will greatly promote the rapid expansion and development of outdoor advertising .

LED billboard and traditional billboard

  • Traditional billboards : cheap and easy to install make them very popular in the past, but as the times change, their shortcomings are gradually exposed, the viewing angle is small, the brightness is not enough, the advertising content is too simple, and the advertisements paid by the advertisers are placed. The cost is very high, and the replacement of the advertising content requires manual replacement on the spot. It is conceivable how much money and manpower and material resources it will cost to replace the advertising content.
  • LED billboards: Although the price is slightly higher, it is in line with the focus of the information age. Wireless design, easy to replace advertising content. In addition, wide viewing angles and high brightness are also important factors in advertising content. The viewing angle of traditional billboards will have a large blind spot, especially when the light is dim at night. LED billboards integrate color, wide viewing angle, waterproof, high brightness, high refresh and other performance features, allowing advertisements to be displayed to everyone in an all-round way.

BAITRONICS LED billboard vs other LED billboard on the market

  • Reduce the use of steel structures
  • Stable installation while reducing the use of fasteners such as screws
  • lighter
  • IP65/IP68 double waterproof
  • Common cathode energy saving
  • Front and rear maintenance
  • 140 degree wide viewing angle

BAITRONICS’ outdoor led billboards are optimized on the basis of led billboards. Combined with the overall optimization of led screen installation, audience vision, and materials used, from the module to the led box, every structural detail is measured , and the screen is aging. Waiting for the process to push the results to the user, that’s why BAITRONICS’ quality details are always well done.

Installable position

  • outdoor column
  • wall advertising
  • hotel
  • shopping mall
  • Airports, Stations, etc.

With the gradual maturity of the LED screen market, combined with the actual needs of users, the control method and installation method of the LED screen will also be further optimized. The obvious progress is that the previous LED screen was controlled by the computer in real time at the same place, and now it can be controlled wirelessly in different places, the same place mobile phone wireless control or computer wireless control and so on.


IP68 Outdoor led screen-BAITRONICS DF


Common cathode outdoor LED display-BAITRONICS UT