The advantages and functions of transparent led display

With the acceleration of urban construction, transparent LED display has the characteristics of light and thin, no steel frame structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and good transparency.

The current transparent LED display can be said to be a perfect combination with the glass curtain wall. It is a good display product displayed on the glass curtain wall, which can not only reflect its fashion and beauty, but also be full of modernity and technology.

It is a cool video display through a transparent display, which can greatly attract passengers, enhance brand image and product attention, and promote business sales. Therefore, transparent led displays are very popular in the market. It is mainly used in commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S stores, showcases, glass curtain walls, etc. Where there is a glass curtain wall, there is a market for transparent display. At many companies, we constantly adjust our strategy to actively respond to the current market environment. You can highlight your brand strengths in a certain market segment and find new development paths.

1. Market demand

With the continuous development and progress of LED display, people’s requirements for outdoor advertising media are getting higher and higher. In the past, traditional advertising light boxes, posters and other media have been unable to meet people’s new advertising development needs. Therefore, outdoor high-definition led display stands out and quickly becomes a new trend in the development of new media.

Today, in the context of such a large environment, transparent LED displays are gradually occupying the market demand, especially in the application field of glass curtain walls, occupying an increasingly important position. At the same time, in urban planning and construction, glass curtain wall engineering buildings are more popular, which can promote the emergence of indoor led transparent screens. Diversity of colors, modernity and technology give people a unique expression.

2. Advantages of transparent led display

  • Extreme transparency: 95% transparency ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between floors, glass facades, windows, etc., and ensures the original lighting and perspective functions of the glass curtain wall.
  • Simple: Easy to install, plug and play. No need for steel frame structure, saving a lot of installation and maintenance costs, indoor installation and indoor maintenance, simple and easy.
  • Lightweight: does not take up space, the thickness of the motherboard is thin, and the weight of the display screen is only 7.6-8Kg/㎡. It is directly pasted on the glass curtain wall without changing the building structure.
  • Realistic effect: Unique display effect, because the display background is transparent, it can make the advertisement screen feel suspended on the glass curtain wall, and has good advertising effect and artistic effect.

3. The role of market scale

The application scenarios of transparent led display have been extended to large-scale glass curtain wall engineering buildings and home glass windows. Now BAITRONICS has a larger scale in the sales market and has become a new hot spot for new media development prospects. In the application of this type of led transparent screen technology, with the advantages of 65%-95% transparency and p2-10mm PCB thickness, the current products can be easily installed behind glass windows, and the panel specifications can be customized without affecting the indoor environment. Therefore, it is also conducive to installation and maintenance.

Today, transparent LED displays have opened up new application scenarios in the sales market, and the market has broad prospects. It has adapted to a new market trend in the engineering and construction media industry: outdoor media resources.

Transparent led display screens are covered by glass windows in urban buildings, airports, automobile exhibition halls, financial institutions, brand chain stores, etc., and have a very good role in advertising market value.In mass customized production, the technical quality of transparent LED display products also needs to be strictly controlled. Judging from the products launched in the existing market, the transparency of the transparent display screen has reached 95%, which not only ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range between floors, glass facades, windows, etc., but also has good heat dissipation. Product release, installation, and maintenance have completely changed the limitations of traditional LED display applications on glass.

Although high light transmittance is precisely the biggest advantage of transparent screens, on the contrary, the cost of improving light transmittance is to expand the dot pitch, which affects the clarity and display effect of the screen. And how to achieve large-scale production effect on the premise of ensuring the quality of transparent LED display, more companies need to improve through the process of practical application, such as BAITRONICS TO series outdoor transparent LED display, which has passed the light transmittance and The double test of performance leads to today’s high performance of 95% light transmittance and 3840hz refresh rate.

Judging from the products launched in the existing market, the potential is huge. Although it is still in the initial stage of development, as long as we make good products and keep pace with the times, the pace of expanding the territory of transparent displays will gradually accelerate. More and more application areas will be discovered.

BAITRONICS-transparent led display

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BAITRONICS-transparent led display

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