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transparent led screen-BAITRONICS TI

Indoor Transparent LED Screen

The BAITRONICS TI has high and low brightness options. It is an innovative transparent LED display that achieves new and irreplaceable creative and unique application effects without affecting the building space and lighting, creating new retail, new experience, new business.

    • Low-cost high-performance screen
    • Ultra thin and light

High transparency

High Brightness

5000 nits High brightness

Fast and front maintenance

transparent led screen-BAITRONICS TO

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

BAITRONICS TO is the truly waterproof outdoor transparent LED screen. Unique cabinet structure, the front and back of the LED screen reach IP65 waterproof level. In addition, it also has the characteristics of ultra-high light transmission display, high brightness, simple operation, intelligent control, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

    • Light and thin design, 1000mm*500mm cabinet 7.6kg
    • High waterproof grade of IP65

3840hz high refresh rate

65%-80% High permeability

Front and rear maintenance

transparent led screen-BAITRONICS TF

Transparent LED Film

BAITRONICS TF is an innovative transparent LED film. Adopt LED lamp beads bare crystal ball planting technology. It mainly has the main advantages of being light, transparent, ultra-thin, bendable, and cuttable; it can be directly pasted on the glass video wall, and the light transmittance of the transparent LED film is as high as 95%, which can present a bright and beautiful image effect.

    • Modular design
    • Ultra light and ultra-thin design

Ultra high permeability 95%

Bend and cut at will

Large viewing angle 160°

Transparent LED Screen

What is a transparent LED screen?

The transparent LED screen tends to have a glass-like surface and it also tends to provide the users with high-definition results. The transparent LED screen is becoming popular for various reasons and with sufficient space, they can be installed anywhere.

The transparent LED screen is an ideal screen for outdoor advertising and for large areas which often acts like a curtain glass wall.

A lot of people are using this transparent screen as a transparent video wall or as signage for digital screens. Having a fine transparent LED screen can offer a lot better display quality and most people use it for advertising their products and media.

BAITRONICS provides fine transparent LED screens that come with multiple functions which attract one’s attention itself. The very transparent LED screen product provided by BAITRONICS is the best choice for one who is running a business.

Installation of transparent LED display: How can it help?

In various ways, the installation of the transparent LED screen can help you with:

  • Save cost.
  • It reduces noise.
  • It also tends to increase convenience and more.

Some of the best benefits and reasons for choosing a transparent display are here.

Swift maintenance and is convenient

On each section of the screen, the display has modules that are installed separately. The dedicated modules can easily be replaced which makes them ideal for easy maintenance and long-term use. It also tends to make the transparent LED screen ideal due to its easy management maintenance.

It is easy to use

The users are given the facility to update their content on the screen at any time of the day or night since the display device can be connected to the computer. This helps to regulate higher energy levels and also control the light emitting diodes. This very reason makes it the best choice for outdoor advertising.

You can also control the screen via your mobile phone device or you can also schedule a list of items that are playable via the Wi-Fi.

Availability of high brightness

The optimal way to attract the attention of the crowd is the brightness level. These transparent LED screens tend to have a high level of transparency. They also produce higher light quality since they have light-emitting diodes. These are the best option as compared to other LCD screens since they also tend to help with reducing the light population which is becoming a major concern nowadays.

They also have a brightness adjustment option which makes the best option that you should opt for since it is best for all kinds of environments and weather. The high brightness option makes the content visible on it and looks crystal clear whether it is daytime or late at night.

High rate of transparency

  • These transparent LED screens have transparent modules that aid in creating signage digital on the screens. You will only be able to find this very characteristic in the transparent panels.
  • Transparent panels tend to have a 70%-80% rate of transparency which makes them much better than other average effects you can find in other types of displays.
  • The higher rate of transparency also assists in various purposes related to the commercial advertisement. It also keeps the display visible in every environment.

Without requiring air conditioning and is energy saving

  • Light emission.
  • Good dissipation of heat.
  • Rear modes of maintenance.

These are the things that transparent screens are best known for, they also have a low consumption power rate. This very reason enables the owners of the transparent LED screen to use them commercially without having to worry about any problems. In these, the pixel quality is very high which results in providing life-like results and higher quality of the images.

They do not require any air conditioning since they have good dissipation of heat and are also best for viewing certain things at a distance. BAITRONICS offers transparent screens that are easy to install and also are made of good quality materials which can be used for business purposes.

Lightweight and slim

  • When you are choosing a transparent panel for display, volume and space are two significant elements that need to be noticed. These tend to take as little space as possible. They help with saving energy and also are lightweight due to their compact design.
  • Owners can install these anywhere they desire, even during the daytime as it has the ability to enable the audience to see the displayed content on the transparent panels easily and quickly.
  • It is essential to keep it at the best viewing distance. As a result, you can find many of these screens at stage performances, in shopping malls, and many other places.

Advantages of outdoor transparent LED screen

  • Due its minimal wind and minimum weight resistance. As a result of the high wind load capability of the transparent panel grid structure, it can support the airy and lightweight construction.
  • The other two are maximum output and low consumption of energy. The energy efficiency is usually achieved by high-efficiency-conversion power supply, high-brightness and high-efficiency-luminous effects.
  • The transparent panels are quite unified. Each individual unit on the panels requires no signal lines or external power which is due to the built-in reception card and power supply. Transparent screens are also self sufficient.
  • The firth pillar is safe guarding. Transparent screens tend to offer security of higher level when it is being compared to other common forms of traditional displays. Therefore, they remain somewhat dustproof and watertight even when they are unprotected.
  • It is simple to maintain and setup. Front maintenance (installation in front of the screen, easy to disassemble) and rear maintenance (often fixed, not disassembled at will) can be used to accommodate a variety of installation requirements without the need for a permanent steel framework or air conditioning (generally fixed, not disassembled at will).

Where these transparent LED screens are used?

These are similar to opaque screens in terms of displaying data, information, and other important details. Whereas, transparent screen also do the same while they also blend in with the surroundings of their environment.

These cost-effective displays are manufactured in a way to require less time and are extremely flexible for different uses. There are many places where you may be able to find these transparent LED screens.

Billboards outdoor

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and polycarbonate are examples of the solid and flexible materials used to make transparent led display panels (PC). You may confidently put them to use outside without worrying about any harm coming to the environment since they are resistant to both rain and shine.

These LED displays are most effective as billboards when placed along highways. Businesses utilize these billboards to promote new items or spread other messages to customers. They are adaptable to a wide range of outdoor locations, from bus stations and campuses to art galleries and more.

Building the glass wall curtain

Those passing by can get a sneak peek at what’s on the inside of a glass skyscraper without really going inside. The potential loss of privacy is a key concern for many who work in glass office buildings.

Due to the LED screen’s transparency, this can be achieved without compromising on security.

This is also a fantastic method for increasing the general lighting of a building, as these places depend heavily on artificial light. Using these screens, advertising everywhere in the building is a breeze.


Most retail showrooms aim to showcase the company’s best-selling products and services. Transparent LED screens are suitable for this purpose since they let users insert and make use of any content they like.

In addition, it’s a fantastic way to pique customers’ curiosity about your items without allowing them to handle them.

This type of transparent LED screen is commonly used in museums and galleries. At the Dubai Fair and other scientific and architectural events, these transparent screens have been used.

In shopping malls

To help direct shoppers and educate them about the stores’ offerings, led displays are commonly placed in the malls’ entry areas. These screens can be used continuously since they consume so little power.

Due to their low heat yield, they can continue to function normally even when subjected to higher temperatures. Temporary messages, some advertising, and custom playlists can all be displayed on these screens at the same time.


The airport’s clear display will guide you to your gate even if you’re unfamiliar with the layout. Airports frequently utilize such screens to provide travelers with guidance on the most efficient ways to reach their final destinations.

Additionally, the display makes it easier to share information and market goods. In addition to serving as a source of information for travelers, these displays also feature ads from regional businesses.

Other places

Nightclubs, pubs, movie theatres, etc., are just a few examples of businesses that benefit from displays. These signs are useful for advertising nail salons, dog walking services, and other local businesses. It increases engagement with minimal additional advertising costs.

BAITRONICS provides the best quality transparent LED screen. The BAITRONICS TI display is used for indoor purposes such as in malls and theater halls. BAITRONICS TI is the best option if you have just started your business and want your products to gain recognition. The BAITRONICS TO is the outdoor screen that can be used for billboard purposes. BAITRONICS TO is known to be the best option if you are looking for a transparent LED screen that can show all the details of your products to the people on the most crowded streets.

What is LED film?

The LED film is mostly used to display high-definition images with ultra-thin characteristics and with a higher level of transparency which is used mainly for architectural curtain glass walls. The outdoor light is often blocked due to the use of traditional displays. The weight of the traditional displays itself tests the appearance of the building and it also tests the safety of the building. The film does not affect the appearance of the building and it is also lightweight because of which it does not pose any threat to the safety of the building. It also does not affect the outdoor lighting of the building. In the field of architectural media, it has several obvious advantages due to which it has become a need.

Advantages of LED film

There are several advantages due to which the LED film has gained popularity in this era.

  • It is ultra-thin, lightweight, and has high transparency.
  • It is bendable that can adapt to the structural arc of a certain area.
  • The film is safe and reliable since there are no components on the screen and the power supply is also hidden.
  • The appearance of the LED film is beautiful yet it is also simple which makes it elegant.
  • It is durable and extremely easy to install.
  • The film can be operated via the remote control.
  • It has high brightness and high refresh.

These advantages make the film the most desired product in large shopping malls. BAITRONICS provides the best-LED films that you can shape into the shape you desire to have. The LED film product that BAITRONICS offer is made by taking note of the things that an LED film should consist of.

Application of the LED film

Here are some applications where the LED film can be utilized:

  • Along the streets, the glass windows of the shops.
  • The entrance of the subway.
  • On the glass windows of automobile 4S shops, real estate, and banks.
  • For the decoration of many brand stores in the big shopping malls, on each floor the demonstration walls of the exhibition halls.
  • It is usually used to decorate glass windows.
  • They can also be used on high-rise buildings.

The BAITRONICS offers the best quality products that have the best features and are made with the best quality material so that the customers are satisfied. BAITRONICS TF is the LED film that is considered to be the most reliable product for business purposes. The BAITRONICS TF is the best option since it comes with a lot of benefits and has a long duration.