Transparent LED Film

BAITRONICS TF-transparent LED film

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BAITRONICS TF is an innovative transparent LED film. Adopt LED lamp beads bare crystal ball planting technology. It mainly has the main advantages of being light, transparent, ultra-thin, bendable, and cuttable; it can be directly pasted on the glass video wall, and the light transmittance of the transparent LED film is as high as 95%, which can present a bright and beautiful image effect.


Product Detail

BAITRONICS TF-transparent LED film

Extremely Light And Thin

BAITRONICS TF is the lightest and thinnest transparent LED film. Its thickness is controlled at 1-3mm, and its weight is around 0.5kg/sqm. Like a layer of gauze, white and transparent.

BAITRONICS TF-transparent LED film

Large Viewing Angle

As a new type of transparent LED film, the Baitronics TF can reach 160 degrees and vertical display angles, and combined with glass installation without vision difference and color differences.

BAITRONICS TF-transparent LED film

Easy Installation

The TF series can be pasted directly on various glass walls and also supports the hanging structure. Whether it is a variety of arcs, cylinders or 90 degrees, etc., it is very easy to install. And it will not affect the transparency of the glass after installation.

BAITRONICS TF-transparent LED film

Unique Production Craft

BAITRONICS TF adopts bare ball implantation technology, the lamp board adopts transparent crystal film, and the surface is etched with transparent grid circuit. The components are fixed on the high-permeability PCB board using specific bare chips, and the display module is integrated into the lens substrate through a unique glue covering process, and then vacuum-sealed.


It is a thin film design similar to COB technology, the IC is integrated in the SMD LAMP, and all the circuit diagrams of the PCB are embedded on the whole crystal thin film. Therefore, it is based on a film panel with a size of 960*240mm. There are no modules and no cabinets are required.

We provide a custom clear adhesive for this clear film, simply apply the adhesive on the back of the clear film and stick it directly to the glass or window.

It is equipped to use 400w power supply for 2960*240mm thin film LED modules.

It supports most screen control systems such as Nova, Linsn, Colorlight, Moncell, etc.

The maintenance of this transparent film is very simple, just remove the broken led light from the film, this process will not damage the transparent film.