Indoor Transparent LED Screen

BAITRONICS TI-indoor transparent led screen

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The BAITRONICS TI has high and low brightness options. It is an innovative transparent LED display that achieves new and irreplaceable creative and unique application effects without affecting the building space and lighting, creating new retail, new experience, new business.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS TI-indoor transparent led screen

Energy Saving and Environment

Under normal circumstances, the average power consumption of BAITRONICS TI transparent LED screen is less than 200W/㎡, and the maximum power consumption does not exceed 700W/㎡, which is 30% more energy efficient than traditional LED screens.

BAITRONICS TI-indoor transparent led screen

Front and rear maintenance

The BAITRONICS TI supports front and rear maintenance. Choose a better maintenance plan according to the installation location of the on-site LED display. And the transparent LED wall is safer to maintain because of the characteristics of being installed on the inner wall.

BAITRONICS TI-indoor transparent led screen

High Refresh And High Grayscale

Whether it is an indoor transparent LED screen or an outdoor transparent LED screen, it is driven by a high refresh rate IC Driver. BAITRONICS TI 70% light transmittance, plus 3840hz refresh rate, 16bits grayscale, give the audience a lifelike high-definition picture.

BAITRONICS TI-indoor transparent led screen

Heteromorphic Structure

BAITRONICS TI series transparent LED screen can be customized, such as: LED spherical, curved LED transparent screen, polygonal screen, etc. According to the required size and shape, cut off the LED strip directly with scissors, and the operation of the LED screen will not be affected after cutting.


We currently offer 1000CD, 1000-2000CD, 2000-3000CD and 4000-5000CD/sqm. We can recommend suitable brightness according to your project needs.

Many wholesalers use die-casting boxes to make transparent LED screens. Because it is an ordinary die-casting cabinet, the price is very cheap. But there will be two common problems: 1. Heat dissipation is difficult to solve. 2: If the area is large, the die-casting cabinet is easily deformed or broken. Therefore, according to our experience, special-shaped aluminum cabinets are strongly recommended, which can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.

In fact, ours used front diode lighting and side diode lighting. If you have other needs, we can provide different solutions according to different needs.

We will take protective measures when transporting to customers, please rest assured. During the transportation process, we suggest adding a layer of acrylic cover on the surface of the cabinet to protect the LED screen.

Of course, it supports Nova control system wireless control. It has TB1-TB4, TB6 and TB8 control box support. Also connect via WiFi, USB, LAN and 4G.

Yes, its bending angle can reach 30°, and it can form a frameless inner arc or outer arc. Even build and customize other different shapes.

Yes, at present we have made transparent led balls with diameters of 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 3m, 4m. If other specifications and diameters are required, we can customize.