Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

BAITRONICS TO-outdoor transparent led screen

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BAITRONICS TO is the truly waterproof outdoor transparent LED screen. Unique cabinet structure, the front and back of the LED screen reach IP65 waterproof level. In addition, it also has the characteristics of ultra-high light transmission display, high brightness, simple operation, intelligent control, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

Product Detail

BAITRONICS TO-outdoor transparent led screen

More 70% Transparency Rate

The BAITRONICS TO is designed on the principle of LED positive light emission. All IC drivers are integrated in the middle of the LED back cover. There is no vertical raster around the box. The transparency of the entire outdoor LED screen is very high. Due to its high permeability, it is especially suitable for some countries in the Middle East with high temperature and heavy sand.

BAITRONICS TO-outdoor transparent led screen

Intelligent Temperature Control 

In order to operate normally in the outdoor high temperature environment, BAITRONICS’ unique LED cabinet back cover integrates a cooling system and a high temperature exhaust valve design. When the high temperature is reached, the valve is opened to dissipate heat. The temperature is stable at 30-40 °C, so that the LED screen always remains normal.

BAITRONICS TO-outdoor transparent led screen

High Refresh Technology

The BAITRONICS TO has been using high refresh ICs with refresh rates up to 3840hz. The outdoor transparent LED display itself has a high light transmittance, and with the blessing of high-brush IC components, it can bring a better display effect to the LED screen.

BAITRONICS TO-outdoor transparent led screen

High Temperature Resistant Core Power Box

In order to prevent high temperature, all power cables and signal cables, power supply and receiving cards in the power box are equipped with ultra-high temperature protection devices. The maximum temperature resistance can reach 150 degrees, and all raw materials are flame retardant materials.


Yes, 1000mm*500mm is the standard size, and we can also make 1000mm*1000mm according to customer needs.

Yes, it has CE, FCC.LVD, ROSH certified certificates and uses PFC power supply with original CE and UL test reports.

It is available in 2 color options: solid black and silver aluminum. We recommend black for outdoor use, it will be the best choice.

On the basis of ensuring 70% power efficiency, the white balance brightness of p3.91-7.8mm can reach 5800cd/sqm, and the current output of a single LED module can reach 80%.

It uses NATIONSTAR SMD1921, which guarantees high brightness and stable quality.

We use a custom wooden box with foam inside to protect the transparent screen from damage in transit. One wooden box can hold 8 standard LED cabinets of 1000mm*500mm.

Yes, the holes we set are suitable for vertical or horizontal installation. However, it cannot be installed in a combination of horizontal and vertical.