Waterproof grade selection of LED screen

With the rapid development of society, the use of LED screens is becoming more and more common, but the waterproof function of LED screens is also our concern, especially outdoor LED screens. BAITRONICS will briefly sort out the relevant knowledge of LED screen waterproofing for you.

The meaning of waterproof rating (IP)

The protection level of the LED screen is generally displayed as IPXY, for example: IP56, X represents the level of the LED screen against the intrusion of dust and foreign objects, and Y represents the air tightness of the LED screen against the intrusion of moisture and water, the bigger the better. The more the number, the higher the protection level, the meaning of the numbers X and Y will be discussed below.

X represents the meaning of the digital code:

0: no protection

1: Protection of solid exosomes 50 mm in diameter and larger

2: Prevent solid foreign objects with a diameter of 12.5mm and larger

3: Prevents solid exosomes 2.5 mm in diameter and larger

4: Prevent solid foreign objects with a diameter of 1.0mm and larger

5: Prevent harmful dust accumulation (it is impossible to completely prevent dust from entering, but the amount of dust entering will not cause damage to the equipment)

6: Completely prevent dust from entering (dust should not enter the cabinet under low pressure of 20 mbar)

Y represents the meaning of the digital code

0: no protection

1: Water drop protection (water droplets falling vertically should not cause damage)

2: When the casing is tilted 15 degrees, there is water drop protection, and the water droplets falling vertically should not cause damage

3: splash water protection (water or rain from a 60 degree angle to the case has no effect)

4: Protective water spray (liquid splashing on the casing from any direction has no damage effect)

5: Protection against water jets (shooting water from all directions to the cabinet without any harm)

6: Strong water jet protection (strong water jets from all directions will not cause any damage to the cabinet)

7: Can withstand short-term water immersion (1m)

8: Soak in water for a long time under certain pressure

Outdoor waterproof LED screen

In the protection level of the LED screen housing, we can see that the indoor and outdoor classification of the waterproof level of the LED screen housing is different. The outdoor waterproof level is generally higher than that of the indoor, because the outdoor LED screen is more rainy or needs to be waterproof than the indoor LED screen.

For example, the waterproof parameters of the LED screen may be easier for everyone to understand: for example, the protection level of the display screen is IP54, IP is the marked letter, the number 5 is the first marked number, and 4 is the second marked number. The first marked number indicates the contact protection and foreign object protection level, and the second marked number indicates the waterproof protection level. Note that the second feature number after IP is 6 and below. As the number of people grew, the tests became more stringent. That is to say, the LED screen marked as IPX6 can pass the tests of IPX5, IPX4, IPX3, IPX2, IPX1, and IPX0 at the same time. The test for the second feature number after IP is 7 or 8, and there are two types of tests for 6 and below. That is, identifying IPX7 or identifying IPX8 does not mean that it meets both IPX6 and IPX5 requirements. At the same time, LED screens that meet IPX7 and IPX6 requirements can be identified as IPX7/IPX6.An outdoor LED screen like BAITRONICS DF, which has a waterproof rating of IP68, can meet all the above requirements.If what you need is an LED floor, then the IP68 BAITRONICS DL Pro must meet your needs.

The advantages of outdoor waterproof LED screen

The minimum waterproof level of the outdoor LED full-color screen is IP65 or higher.6 is to prevent objects and dust from entering the screen, 5 is to prevent water from entering the screen in the case of spraying. Of course, heavy rain is no problem. The simple box of outdoor waterproof LED screen is generally marked with front waterproof IP65, because the simple box does not have a back door, this design is convenient for the machine to dissipate heat. Waterproof wrapping treatment, the waterproof effect also reaches IP65, and now most of the outdoor full-color LED screens use simple cabinets. The conventional LED outdoor in-line light full-color screen is composed of an outdoor module and a closed box structure after processing to form an outdoor waterproof screen box, and the waterproof screen box is assembled into an outdoor full-color screen. Therefore, the display box is the basic unit that constitutes the display body.

The benefits of using a box structure

  • It is convenient for scheduling, timeliness and on-site maintenance;
  • Convenient packaging and transportation;
  • On-site installation and disassembly are convenient. A display module is installed in front of the display box, and a display drive circuit board is fixed inside the box. The switching power supply is installed on the back cover of the box. An exhaust fan is also installed on the back cover of the box, and the shutters are punched. The box body is sprayed with plastic on the inner and outer surfaces, which has the functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, flame retardant, etc., which provides a guarantee for the safety of the display body.

As far as the structure of the display screen is concerned,

First of all, the module should be an outdoor waterproof module.

The back of the second module should be painted with three anti-paint,

Third, the box should be a waterproof box with good airtightness. You can do a waterproof test and sprinkle water on the surface of the display screen.

After a number of tests, the IP protection level of the outdoor LED screen waterproof box must reach IP65 or above in order to achieve true waterproofing.

BAITRONICS-waterproof screen

IP68 waterproof LED floor

BAITRONICS-waterproof screen

IP68 outdoor LED screen