What is GOB, and what is the difference between it and SMD and COB?

What is GOB?

GOB, which means Glue On Board , is a protective process of glue pouring on the SMD module, which can solve the problems of moisture resistance and bumping, and at the same time, the surface is smoother . It can be mainly applied to rental LED screens, but there are problems of stress relief, heat dissipation, repair and poor colloidal adhesion.

Whether GOB can be called packaging technology

As we all know, the three major packaging technologies of DIP, SMD, and COB so far all involve LED chip-level technology. However, GOB does not involve the protection of LED chips, but a protective process for protecting the PIN feet of the bracket of SMD devices on the SMD module. If you want to call it a technology, it can only be regarded as a module-level protection technology.

so-called COB means Chip On Borad . After eight years of research and development of COB technology, its development direction has been recognized by the industry. The achievement of chip-on-board technology is that it can not only strengthen the protection performance of LED chip, but also its heat dissipation, stress and other aspects are not affected. It can be said that it is the most perfect LED technology at present.

Comparison of GOB with SMD and COB technology

  • Technical features of LED display panel integration version 1.0:

1) Single lamp bead discrete package lamp bead device

2) Packaging technology with bracket

3) Display panel integration technology after packaging

4) Industrial chain form : upstream (LED chip) + midstream (package) + downstream (display manufacturers )

Both DIP and SMD technologies are representative technologies of the 1.0 version of LED display panel integration technology.

  • Technical features of LED display panel integration version 2.0:

1) Multi-lamp bead integrated board package lamp bead device

2) Bracketless packaging technology

3) In-package display panel integration technology

4) Industrial chain form : upstream (LED chip) + downstream (packaging panel factory)

COB integrated packaging technology is the representative technology of version 2.0 LED display integration technology. Like BAITRONICS HD, it combines the characteristics of all cob technologies, and it can be seen in control rooms, conference rooms, network centers and other places.

  • GOB process positioning

1) Has all the features of LED display panel integration technology version 1.0

2) The GOB process is only a glue protection treatment process for the surface of the display panel in the downstream of the traditional industrial chain (display screen manufacturers ), and it is a process that can only be carried out after the SMT process is completed.


  1. GOB is not an LED chip-level packaging technology. It is a panel protection treatment process after the SMT process of the LED display panel integration technology of version 1.0 in the downstream display factory of the industry.
  2. The GOB display panel is optimized based on the SMD display panel , and it cannot solve all the problems of the bracket technology.
  3. problems caused by internal stress release, heat dissipation, repair, and insufficient colloidal affinity will still affect the performance of the display panel. It is a product that is slightly inferior to COB technology.
  4. In outdoor and rental transparent display applications, it does improve outdoor protection and anti-collision capabilities . It is relatively less comprehensive than COB technology, so the price will be much cheaper than COB.

To sum up, BAITRONICS recommends using COB technology led display, because its performance and quality are top-notch, and it can do what all led displays on the market can do, so you pay for it Goods, the value determines its use.

BAITRONICS-gob led screen

Small pixel cob led screen-BAITRONICS HD

BAITRONICS-gob led screen

Interactive led floor-BAITRONICS DL Pro