Portable Interactive Dance Floor

BAITRONICS DL portable interactive dance floor. The LED cabinet is light in structure, has exclusive mounting rails, and integrates an intelligent sensor chip, which can track people’s movements, strengthen the resonance between the scene and people, and achieve the effect of interaction on and off the field.

    • Intelligent Interactive Systems
    • 500x500mm Die-casting lightweight cabinet

load bearing 3000kg/m2

140°viewing angle

140° Wide viewing angle

IP65 andIP54 waterproof

led floor-BAITRONICS DL pro

Best LED Dance Floor

BAITRONICS DL Pro is the best LED dance floor, its biggest feature is IP68 waterproof, it can display normally even if immersed in water, in addition, it also has a unique IC infrared sensor design, a unique BAISYSTEM minimalist system and other functions that make the LED display screen is more attractive.

    • Special 3 anti-4 resistant shell
    • Built in ventilation and heat dissipation device
140°viewing angle

140° Wide viewing angle


load bearing 3500kg/m²

IP68 waterproof

led floor-BAITRONICS sl

Stage LED Screen

BAITRONICS SL are classic stage LED screen. High-strength anti-collision cabinets, large and small spacing, high load-bearing, various high brightness and gray scale ratios, etc., meet the needs of various projects.

    • 2500CD-4000CD/㎡ High Brightness
    • 500mm x 1000mm Rigid anti-collision design
120° wide viewing angle

120° Wide viewing angle


3000Kg/㎡ load-bearing

IP65 and IP54 waterproof

Best LED Floor

What is an LED Floor?

LED Dance Floors have replaced the old-fashioned floors of the 1970s and 1980s. Incandescent lighting for floors was phased out with the demise of discos. Since the advent of LED technology, LED flooring has grown in popularity and demand. In modern nightclubs, clubs, trade shows, and other social events LED flooring is used in some capacity. This type of dance floor tends to make the mood of the party which is taking place. Having one of the LED dance floors at your party or any event has become one of the most important needs which need to be taken care of.

Why LED floor is important?

The LED dance floor is said to be one of the most important aspects of any production, whether it will be a live play or a recorded play having an LED dance floor will play its magic by affecting the whole production and the mood. Lightening has a significant impact on the viewing audience which gives them a better sense of direction and overall impression of the show. Having quality lights around it is necessary to maintain a professional outlook of the whole production.

It is one thing that can gain a lot of attention at any event. The LED dance floors are used to highlight the backdrops and people, some certain characters, and some more important things which should be the center of attention. They prove to be the centre in parties and weddings.

Giving it a deep thought LED dance floors are used to connect the people with the whole aesthetic outlook of the stage which is illuminated by the LED lights. These LED lights are used to communicate with people by using their texture, luminosity, and color which connects them with the world which is filled with colors and it can be said that it may help the dancers to gain confidence before their performance as people are attracted towards the lighted stage.

What type of LED floor we provide?

Stage LED screen

The mask of the BAITRONICS SL stage led screen is made of imported PC material with high wear resistance, flexibility, and high and low temperature resistance. Scratch-resistant stiletto heels that can withstand temperatures as high as 80 degrees. The mask comes in two colours: coffee and clear white. The transparent white mask can boost the brightness of the LED screen, but it is prone to reflecting light. And coffee masks are the most popular because they are non-reflective and display perfect video colors.

The BAITRONICS SL stage led screen’s box body has special load-bearing reinforcements, and a single component can support 3000kg per square meter. A powerful like this is frequently used in car shows; a car weighing more than 2000kg will not damage our LED floor. The BAITRONICS SL has an exclusive mounting foot cup. The height can be adjusted to suit the flatness of the site. The unevenness of the venue, for example, is a major issue that the SL stage LED screen can perfectly solve if you need to build a stage on some uneven outdoor roads.

Interactive dance floor

BAITRONICS DL portable interactive floor. The LED cabinet features a light structure, unique mounting rails, and an intelligent sensor chip that can track people’s movements, increase the resonance between the scene and people, and achieve interaction on and off the field. The BAITRONICS DL is the world’s first die-cast LED screen specifically designed. The module’s size is reduced to 500x500mm by using an aluminium substrate and a die-casting back cover, and the weight of the LED box is kept under control at 12.5kg, reducing tolerance between the LED module and the ground screen and ensuring a seamless connection. It is the most portable and comfortable due to its lightweight performance.

LED cabinets, LED modules, and masks are all made of pressure-resistant materials, allowing the BAITRONICS DL to support weights of up to 3000kg/square metre. It’s the same as superimposing two 1.5-ton cars on a square meter. These super load-bearing structures are found in large concert halls and auto show venues.

BAITRONICS has designed unique metal rails. Without the use of any tools, the LED stage can be built directly by installing the LED screen on the metal track. The interactive space for events in the BAITRONICS DL includes an intelligent sensor chip and an interactive tracking function that can track the trajectory of people’s movements, as well as touch, which adds a sense of movement.

Furthermore, the DL can offer more powerful sensing systems. The screen body sensing system activates immediately when the touch point is 2cm away from the LED floor, and the intelligent sensor screen displays the interactive effect without the touch point having to make direct contact with the screen surface.

Interactive LED floor

BAITRONICS DL Pro is the best LED dance floor with IP68 waterproof rating, it can display normally even when immersed in water. It also features a unique IC infrared sensor design, a unique BAISYSTEM minimalist system, and other features that enhance the attractiveness of LED displays. The BAITRONICS DL Pro interactive LED level deviates from the traditional die-cast aluminum tile design. The biggest benefit is that the LED box can be laid directly on a dedicated track as a tile, without the need for SL foot cups. In addition, the LED cabinet can be removed from the front using a magnetic tool for maintenance.

The BAITRONICS DL Pro interactive LED level is the first in the industry to be fully submerged in water while still displaying properly. It is a better version of the SL and DL. The cabinet’s front and back have been IP68 waterproofed. It has also developed the most recent waterproof outdoor connectors. For the cable connector, a Chinese patent product demonstration has been obtained. Signal and power are combined into a single unit that is extremely stable, secure, and waterproof.

Load-bearing is the core performance of any large-scale performance that necessitates an LED. BAITRONICS DL Pro has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 3500kg/M2, allowing a 1.5-ton car to be superimposed on top of a 2-ton car. Tens of thousands of people performed on a 500-square-meter stage, and BAITRONICS DL Pro was also used in international equestrian competitions in places like Arabia.

LED floor tiles

The LED floor tiles are the type of tiles that have hundreds of led lights embedded inside the tiles, these tiles give you total control over the brightness of the entire stage. These LED tiles are made in a way that they can represent the floor with exciting multicolor shades of different patterns and moving displays. These patterns and displays also vary the amount of brightness which gives the total control over the display.

LED tiles have a special value in the modern world, these tiles are used in almost every traditional party or any party gathering. LED tiles surely attract the attention of others which lightens up the mood of everyone that is why these LED tiles are more demanded now than the old traditional light setup.

These tiles may sound costly but in reality, they are easier to buy. Our company provides the best quality of LED floor tiles which tends to make your gathering look more of today’s ongoing trends and gives your surroundings a flashy yet classic outlook.

LED interactive floor tiles

As the world is progressing day by day the luminous tiles are also upgrading, in addition to them the interactive floor tiles have also advanced, these are the tiles that can interact with people as they go on the dance floor. These types of tiles are mostly used in concerts.

These Led interactive floor tiles just live according to their name they have pressure senor and capacitive senor fixed inside them which allows them to know when a person is walking on them. They start to light up as soon as they feel the pressure. In other words, when a person walks or dances on these floor tiles they light up due to the weight of the person which triggers the feedback response of the pressure or capacitive senor. In return, the stage is lighted up by LED lights giving off a very pleasing and attention-catching look.

The main purpose of these LED interactive floor tiles is quite suitable for military work, for public security, transportation, on platforms where public information is released, and mainly in concerts.

Mostly, LED interactive floor tiles are used in concerts when your favorite idols have solo performances or perform in groups. You may have noticed how pleasing and attention it looks when your idols are dancing on the floor and the lights are just following their direction making every dance move of their look more and more appealing to you.

LED interactive floor tiles are more demanded than the ordinary LED tiles which are one of the reasons why you should go with interactive LED floor tiles.

These LED interactive floor tiles surely do give your surrounding a better and more aesthetic outlook, as you may be filming a scene where you may need to use an LED floor that gives out light when someone walks over it for recording an aesthetic and calming scene or when you have to record your dance tutorials. LED interactive floor may sound expensive but our company provides it at reasonable prices which one reason why you should buy from us. The best quality LED interactive floor tiles are hard to find but we ensure customer service and provide the best of the best quality to the customers.

Easily portable LED dance floors

The LED dance floors we provide are easily portable with a very long-lasting duration. The portable dance floor blows away half of your worries. That is one reason why you should buy LED dance floors from our company.

This LED dance floor provides you with the aesthetic outlook of your surrounding and they are also easily portable which leads your party or any occasion to go on smoothly without causing any trouble.

Benefits of owning an LED dance floor

The light-up dance floor which tends to make the parties and events so much more special and magical, these dance floors are more in trend than any other dance floor. If you are looking for the best quality LED dance floor then this is the place that will satisfy your need.

When it comes to transporting the dance floor, storing, and assembling, square panels make life less complicated. In other words, it means that you do not need any installation team which may be there to help you move or fix the dance floor. Throwing a party in your backyard and having the whole music set with a new trendy dance floor is a must or in a wedding with a DJ or near the beach when you and your friends are in the mood to dance under the moon and stars.

The light-up panels can be controlled by using your computer or via the remote control. Programming to give a solid color combination that will match the mood and theme of the occasion happening. Mix up the things when you think that it is the time to get a little funky. It provides a programmable choice for dance competitions and more.

Get your LED dance floor from our company we provide the best quality which tends to have a long duration. If you are tight on budget but your kid has his birthday party coming up or any wedding and party come up then it is recommended that you should visit our site and buy amazing light inducing dance floors at low and cheap price which have very good quality. It also has a long duration due to which it is the best option and the reason why you should have one.